Marvel’s Avengers update 2.3 delayed

marvels avengers overhaul update 2022

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have confirmed that Marvel’s Avengers update 2.3 has been delayed. The major patch was due to arrive on March 24, 2022, with a considerable number of changes to the core game. This has now been pushed back to an unknown date.


Marvel’s Avengers update 2.3 will completely rework the way in which players select missions from the War Table. Crystal Dynamics is looking to vastly improve the onboarding experience for new superheroes will making the progression path clearer as you move between region and mission types.

The developer said: “we’re taking some extra time on Patch 2.3 to ensure our new tuning and mission on-boarding are ready-to-go, and need to delay its launch. We’ll update you with the new date as soon as we have it!”

With this latest patch rolling out, a major Avengers character finally makes a return. Director of SHIELD, Nick Fury, was largely absent from Marvel’s Avengers – you’ll be able to find him next to the War Table, ready to guide new players. Even if you’re a seasoned superhero, you’ll still want to chat with him, Crystal says.

It’s unclear what else we can expect from update 2.3 though members of the game’s community are no doubt hoping for news on what Marvel’s Avengers content is coming 2022.

Marvel’s Avengers characters we want to see in-game

We’re still waiting to see which superhero will be next to join Marvel’s Avengers. Rumours suggest that Crystal Dynamics will be looking beyond the conventional cast of superheroes for its next featured hero. A now-deleted tweet from voice actress, Krizia Bajos, seemingly confirms that She-Hulk will join the game’s roster. Other strong contenders include Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, tying in nicely with the next big MCU arc when Multiverse of Madness hits cinema screens later this year.

We’ll be back with the official Marvel’s Avengers update 2.3 patch notes when it lands on PS4, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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