Ghostwire Tokyo length – how many hours to beat the game?

ghostwire tokyo length

Ghostwire Tokyo is the latest game from Bethesda and Tango Gameworks, best known for The Evil Within and its sequel. It’s also the newest PlayStation console exclusive, available on both PS5 and PC. As with any open world game, one of the first questions that will pop into players’ heads is how long does it take to beat?

Here’s some good news: Ghostwire Tokyo isn’t a long slog. While some love to get plenty of mileage from their open world games, far too many titles in the genre overstay their welcome, stuffing the critical path with needless filler missions and vast areas to navigate.


In Ghostwire Tokyo it is possible to speed things up with much of the content on offer being purely optional, whether it’s collecting spirits, completing side quests, or hunting for collectibles. That said, you’ll definitely want to dabble here and there as these activities can net you some easy Meika and experience points, essential to Akito and KK’s progress.

Ghostwire Tokyo length – how long to beat?

So what’s the game length and how long does it take to beat? During our playthrough, we managed to wrap the main story missions up in around 12 hours, on normal difficulty. Note that we didn’t simply blitz these missions back-to-back – we’d say a couple of those hours were spent purely wandering Tokyo, making sure we had enough money and XP to unlock certain items and skills we wanted.

For the completionists out there, beating every mission and finding all the collectibles will take considerably much longer. On normal difficulty we’d estimate roughly 30 hours – a little longer if you’re not systematically going from district to district, mopping up everything along the way. Note that your total playtime will also stretch if you’re frequently engaging pockets of enemies.

That’s our Ghostwire Tokyo length estimate, clocking in much shorter than certain other Bethesda games. How do you plan on playing? Will you sprint through the story missions first, or do you get easily side-tracked by side activities and map markers?

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