Hood: Outlaws & Legends Season 3 launches alongside PS Plus release next week

Hood Outlaws & Legends Season One Battle Pass

With Hood: Outlaws & Legends set to be included in PlayStation Plus in April, Sumo Digital and Focus Entertainment have revealed that Season 3: Ostara will also start on 5th April. This will add a new Battle Pass, hundreds of cosmetics and cross-platform squadding.

Sumo and Focus are obviously hoping to get as many new players as possible into the stealthy PvPvE game next week and get them to stick around with a wad of new content to earn. You can see some of the things that will be included in a new set of screenshots:

The new battle pass will include a total of 31 Outfits, 51 Weapons and 21 banner packs (103 cosmetics in total), which is broken down for the five characters:

  • John: 7 skins, 11 weapons
  • Marianne: 6 skins, 10 weapons
  • Robin: 6 skins, 10 weapons
  • Tooke: 6 skins, 10 weapons
  • Eidaa: 6 skins, 10 weapons

Perhaps more important for the game’s longevity is the addition of cross-platform squads, letting people send invites to one another between Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Hood: Outlaws & Legends has had cross-platform play since launch last year, but this allows for friend groups between platforms to team up. You’re more likely to stop playing a game if you can’t play and enjoy it with your friends, after all.

Something that will be disappointing, though, is that there’s no word on a new map, game mode or hero. Since launch in May 2021, Sumo Digital released one new hero – Eidaa – with Season 1 in August, the Gold Rush mode, a purely PvE co-op mode, and a new map. The content has definitely dried up as player counts have dropped, but there’s a slim chance that things could pick back up again if PS Plus’ influx of players sticks around.

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Looking back on our Hood: Outlaws & Legends review, Gareth wrote:

“Hood: Outlaws and Legends has some good ideas, but the execution is a little lacking. The one mode here is enjoyable but it gets very repetitive, with the clunky combat, slow matchmaking and poor, though admittedly amusing AI, taking the fun out of it. With more variety, whether in the form of different modes or with each map having its own objectives, this could have been a winner, but as it stands it’s got a lot of squandered potential.”

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is out now for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: press release, Steam

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