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With the Wii Sports successor Nintendo Switch Sports coming out on 29th April, Nintendo has released a new trailer to dive into everything that the game offers. Alongside that, they’ve also stated that, in addition to the new style of customisable character, you will still be able to use the classic Mii characters that you may or may not have imported or created for yourself on your Switch.


Announced back in February, Nintendo Switch Sports bundles together six video game adaptations of real world sports, all using Joy-Con waggle controls, like it’s 2007 all over again. The games are Tennis, Bowling and Chambara returning from the Wii original, but that’s joined by new sports Football, Badminton and Volleyball. The game will include local multiplayer, such as for Volleyball where you can serve and spike together.

There will also be online multiplayer with skill-based matchmaking – this was subject to a public test in February as well – where bowling has an interesting twist called Survival Bowling. This has 16 players all bowling at once, knocking people out until a winner is decided. That’s made all the more difficult with lanes that introduce obstacles…

In the summer, the game will be updated to add support for the leg-strap accessory, which Nintendo originally shipped with Ring Fit Adventure. This lets you attach a Joy-Con to your leg and us this to track kicking in a bespoke football mini-game called Shoot Out Mode. Then, a seventh sport, Golf, will be added to the collection in a free update in the autumn.

For the new game, Nintendo has created a new style of customisable character called Sportsmates. They’re much more detailed than the classic Mii characters that debuted on the Nintendo Wii and were used across all manner of games across the Wii, 3DS, Wii U and Switch, and have much more variety in terms of clothes and customisation. Still, with this being a successor to the classic Wii Sports game that was bundled in with the massively popular console, it makes sense that Nintendo still pay homage and allow players to use those characters.

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  1. I’ve preordered and would happily pay full whack if this was just bowling. I’m a smidge anxious as the spin etc on the beta weekends didn’t feel quite as responsive as the wii remote which was, in my humble view, perfect. I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and even if it’s nearly as good as wii bowling (with more features) then I’ll be happy. £27 (managed a voucher) for family bowling vs £20 per game per family for real bowling. Absolutely no contest.

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