What We Played #544 – Elden Ring, Shredders & Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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It’s been one hell of a busy few weeks for me, but the end is in sight. It is tucked away behind a house move though, so I shan’t get too excited quite yet. I have been managing to play a few bits and pieces here and there though, and really enjoyed chilling out with Shredders, just in time for the cold snap we’re having in the UK. It did make me wish that Amped 3 was backwards compatible though. I suppose there’s always my wheezy old Xbox 360 in a box if I was really serious.

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First up, Jason has reached the end of his time with Elden Ring (for now), and is leaving his strength mage to chill out for a bit. He’s been playing a lot of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands for review instead, which he’s enjoyed greatly, and is trying to play Rocket League, despite now being a bit rubbish once again.

Steve hasn’t had much time for gaming, but what little it he’s had has been “amazeballs” as Kirby and the Forgotten Land is “just good old fashioned joy”. He continues, “I’m loving going back and searching out all the secrets in each stage before moving on, and some of the challenges are genuinely hard so there’s plenty to keep me going. It looks and plays great handheld and big screen and is the perfect distraction from the latest batches of marking.”

Gareth finished every single side mission on Horizon Forbidden West on Sunday, so now he’s mostly wandering around upgrading things until he wants to pull the trigger on the finale. Which is a finale he will no doubt be super overpowered for. Well, good luck! (Not that you’ll need it!)

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Nick P got his platinum on Elden Ring, which he’s super happy with. He tells us, “I’m not sure anything else will beat it, this year. I’m also still playing it! I’ve also got back into Gran Turismo 7 and I think I’ve spent more time customising cars than I have racing them. Finally, I started playing Street Fighter V again, picking up some new characters and trying to finish off the trophies.”

Ade played a bit more Horizon Forbidden West which he’s enjoying other than the irritation he feels having to look at everyone’s stupid hats. “Why does the headgear all look so dumb?” Other than that, he played some Syberia: The World Before “which is a lovely example of the point and click genre and a fitting end to the series”.

Jim played more For Honor. In fact, a stupid amount of For Honor. He says, “it’s the only console game I’ve played this week and although I can hear my backlog crying, I’ve enjoyed being focused on just one game. As a complete curveball, I’ve also been dabbling with Metal Gear Acid on the PSP – a bizarre, card-based stealth ’em up oozing with style.” He’s right to do so – it’s the best Metal Gear game. Probably.

Aran played more Elden Ring and is still engrossed with exploring the world. He said, “I thought I had covered everything in one area, then fell down a crevice and found another dungeon with another mini-boss. Also played Agent Intercept for review and more on that next week.”

Tuffcub branched out while on holiday, and from the sounds of it he didn’t really enjoy it. “During my flights to Chicago I have played Breath of the Wild which was OK, but felt very much like a PS3 game from eight years ago, did not get the hype. I also played Mario Kart 8 for about 2 minutes before screaming at the screen in rage due to the amounts of “woos” and “yeahs” the characters keep on shouting. They all need to die. Horribly. Especially Mario. Then it was Ori & The Blind Forest which was incredibly upsetting in the first 5 minutes, but was a lovely game after. And Destiny 2, obvs.”

Finally we come to Tef, who’s been continuing to play a lot of Gran Turismo 7, getting some decent results in the online Sport mode (even if he’s in the lowest tier of competitor). Alongside that, he revisited Crusader Kings 3, though this time playing it on console, and took a trip to the cinema last weekend for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie.

What about you? Played anything good?

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  1. Exactly the same as last week. But I’m looking after a dog for the week, so I was interrupted every 5 minutes by loud barking and I’m half asleep from being woken up at 5am by loud barking.

    On the plus side, watching a GT7 reply (which are quite impressive) with a dog wondering where the sounds are coming from is amusing. Watching his little face follow the sounds from the rear speakers to the front. Pause it, and he just instantly goes back to sleep.

  2. I’ve been continuing with Mercenaries 2 on PS3. It’s glitchy as hell, but there is some fun to be found in it. I’ll be trying to play co op on that again this weekend, as it didn’t really work last weekend due to server issues and whatnot. I had to look into all sorts of things, such as port forwarding to try and get connected. We kind of did, but we spent so long battling the servers, we kind of ran out of time to actually play the game. Hopefully it’ll be smoother sailing this weekend.
    I’ve also been continuing with Hungry Giraffe on Vita. I’m at 300,000 calories and I need ten times that for completion so that might take a while yet…
    I do kind of feel for MrYd dogsitting – we have a dog so I know the feeling of being woken up early etc, but I reckon MrYd might miss the dog when it returns home!

  3. Managed an hour or so of Bioshock but that was about it.

  4. ‘I have played Breath of the Wild which was OK, but felt very much like a PS3 game from eight years ago, did not get the hype’… I can very much relate to that, I felt exactly the same. There wasn’t much gaming for me recently, just some Rayman Legends with the kids, and I started another Telltale Batman game I got in a sale.

  5. I’m prob a bit late for the WWP this week but i played more Dreams and Elden Ring. Took out another dungeon boss and am currently exploring the various routes of Stormveil castle. Thanks to spending much of my early game wandering the map blindly, i now have an overwhelming choice of places to go, things to kill and things to get killed by! xD

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