Firesprite are working on a AAA horror game for PlayStation

Firesprite studios have posted a new job listing which reveals the company are working on “a AAA narrative driven horror-adventure game in Unreal 5”.  Firesprite was born out of the ashes of Sony’s Studio Livepool, went on to make The Persistance for PSVR and The Playroom for Sony before eventually being bought once more by Sony in August 2021. Sony could have probably saved themselves a bob or two just by keeping Liverpool Studios open.

As for this new game it does seem to be a new title rather than a reboot of something from Sony’s back catalogue. Firesprite are already rumoured to have taken over development duties of the Twisted Metal reboot from Lucid Games, the creators of PS5 exclusive Destruction All-Stars. There have been some suggestions that Lucid have now been handed they keys to Motorstorm and are now working on a reboot of that franchise.

Firesprite themselves expanded recently when they snapped up Manchester-based Fabrik Games.

Fabrik Games was created by Firesprite boss Graeme Ankers, being spun out of Firesprite several years ago with the intention of building mobile games, but has worked closely with them on games like The Persistence. They’re now being brought back into the fold to boost Firesprite’s already huge headcount to 265 staff.

Speaking about the reacquisition, Ankers said, “I’m delighted to announce that we will be bringing Fabrik Games and Firesprite together as part of our exciting next step with PlayStation Studios.”

Firesprite was snapped up by Sony along with Halo and Destiny developer Bungie and there are many strong suggestions that Sony are going to announce another big acquisition any day now. Not just big, “really big”.

Ubisoft perhaps? Square Enix? Who knows. Sony are having to space out their announcements, last week was the revised PlayStation Plus so we may get this acquisition this week, or the full PSVR 2 reveal.

Source: Firesprite

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