Train your boobs (yes, boobs) in Seven Pirates H, out this May

Seven Pirates H boobs
Seven Pirates H boobs

There’s been a noticeable lack of smut around these parts recently, gone are the days when there was a new title with Improbable Boobs every week. East Asia Soft are here to sort that out and rather than just have the massive norks as titillation – pun intended – they have incorporated them in to the game.

In Seven Pirates H you get to train you boobs.

The trailer is age restricted so I can’t post it here you will have to head over to YouTube to watch it. Suffice to say it’s really quite something and you should probably watch it alone and certainly not while the missus is around. Here’s a screen shot instead.



Seven Pirates H boobs

Before we get on to the booby training, here’s the plot.

While out hunting for treasure aboard her ship, a young pirate group leader, Parute, is knocked into the sea by a boyish monster, Otton, who had suddenly appeared after having stolen a legendary bra. Soon after, they all arrive in the fabled “Monsupi Sea”, where rumor has it great treasures have been hidden.

Legendary bra. Of course.

The game is an RPG – or possibly a BPG, Boob Playing Game – in which you get to roam through a world, tackling monsters, hunting through dungeons and, alright we’re getting to it, train your boobs.

Booby training involves “using booby extracts and touch controls to touch and squeeze the characters’ breasts, changing aspects like size and softness, to make them huge or even smaller.”  You can adjust the size, height. perkiness, cleavage, softness and firmness of the boobs. By doing so you help characters grow even stronger.

But wait, there’s more. While roaming through the dungeons in the game you will discover eggs. What do you think you do with eggs? Make a nice omelette? Don’t be ridiculous, you nuzzle them in between you massive tits and break them open to win some prizes.

Seven Pirates H boobs

Seven Pirates H, which will be making its debut on Nintendo Switch in North America, Europe and Asia May 12th, 2022.

Source: East Asia Soft

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  1. This should be a lunch…launch game for PS Vita 2(2ouch).

  2. Finally a good reason to get a Switch!

  3. Man, I have not been doing eggs right AT ALL.

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