Today’s Fortnite crossover adds Ezio and Eivor from Assassin’s Creed

fortnite crossover assassins creed

Epic Games has revealed its latest Fortnite crossover. Over the years, the battle royale shooter has plucked a number of famous gaming icons from their respective franchises, with Assassin’s Creed being the latest target. This comes just weeks after the arrival of Uncharted-themed DLC.

fortnite crossover assassins creed


Today sees two of its lead heroes brought to life in Fortnite’s toonish style, including Ezio and Eivor. Hands down the most beloved character in the Assassin’s Creed universe, Ezio Auditore da Firenze made his debut in AC2 as we paid a visit to Renaissance Italy – we’d follow his journey from birth to his eventual death over the course of three games and an animated movie.

Meanwhile, newcomer Eivor has proven similarly popular. It’s worth noting that Fortnite has chosen to recreate the female body type version of the Viking protagonist. Both characters come with bonus items including new Pickaxes as well a new Back Bling and Glider for Eivor. Her bundle also includes a hooded outfit option for those who want to keep a low profile.

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You can purchase the latest Fortnite crossover DLC from the Item Shop, purchasing characters individually or both as part of the Tales from the Animus Bundle. This pack of goodies also includes:

  • Wolf-Kissed Spray
  • Eivor’s Fury Loading Screen
  • Raven Clan Emoticon
  • A Tales from the Animus Banner

If you haven’t played Fortnite in a while, now is a good time to swing by and play, especially with the addition of Zero Build.

Zero Build is… well it’s Fortnite without its most distinctive element in the pantheon of battle royale games. That’s right, there’s no building allowed. However, because the dynamics of battle have changed, Epic has also added a few specific perks for players to adjust. All players now have the recharging Overshield to soak up the first chip damage from combat, while you can zip up Ascenders in order to access Blimps, and there’s the Mantling ability to clamber up to high ground, now that you can’t make an impromptu ramp.

As a day one Fortnite player who never had the finesse to master Fortnite’s building system, I’m eager to see if I can finally grab a win. Probably not.

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