Call of Duty Vanguard update makes it easier to unlock camos

call of duty vanguard update

Sledgehammer Games has launched a new Call of Duty Vanguard update. This latest patch for the popular World War II shooter makes a number of changes to the game’s online multiplayer.


Don’t expect any new content in this latest Vanguard update – instead, the developers have rolled out some minor improvements across the board with some tweaks to maps, weapons, and attachments.

Vanguard or Black Ops Cold War? Which Call of Duty is better?

One highlight that should please fans are the reduced requirements for unlocking select weapon camo skins. On most weapons, you now only need 50 Headshots and 50 Longshots to complete their respective challenges, as opposed to 100 of each. By removing that extra grind, this should definitely help players looking to fully complete their Vanguard arsenal. See the patch notes below for all the latest changes.

Call of Duty Vanguard Update Patch Notes


  • Lobby Walk
    • Weapons will no longer be misplaced when a Combat Shield is equipped in the secondary Weapon slot.


  • Tuscan
    • Adjusted Hardpoint spawn locations to be slightly further from the third hill.
    • Adjusted Control initial spawn locations to be further back.
  • Gavutu
    • Adjusted Control spawn locations to avoid putting the player in immediate danger.


  • Challenges
    • Reduced Headshot and Longshot requirements for several Camo Challenges.
  • Armaguerra 43 (Submachine Gun)
    • Weapon is no longer completely silent while firing with a Silencer Attachment equipped.


  • Addressed an exploit that allowed Attachment modifiers to stack.

This year’s Call of Duty has yet to be announced though there’s a very good chance Infinity Ward is working on a Modern Warfare 2. Meanwhile, there are reports suggesting that Call of Duty will skip 2023, making it the first year a new game in the series hasn’t debuted since 2005. However, with each instalment enjoying multi-year support, it’s a move that has been long overdue.

In our Call of Duty Vanguard review, we scored the sequel a heroic 9/10:

The stars have aligned for Call of Duty: Vanguard. For the first time, this truly feels like a full package without any caveats. Sure, some parts are naturally stronger than others but there isn’t a weak link in sight. After back to back triumphs, Call of Duty is now on a killstreak.

Call of Duty Vanguard is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source: Sledgehammer Games

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