Job listing suggests the Destiny universe will expand in to movies, comics, and TV shows

Destiny tv show film
Destiny tv show film

The fact that there hasn’t been a Destiny TV show or film so far is a bit ridiculous, the lore is so dense with so many characters it would be easy to create a brand new story and slot it in to the cannon at some point in the timeline, or indeed in one of the alternate versions of the timeline. There was one big reason why it had not happened, namely Activision don’t do that sort of thing and when the game reverted back to Bungie they didn’t have the time, money or staff.

That all changed at the end of January when Sony has opened their wallet and picked up Destiny and Halo creator Bungie for a tidy $3.6 billion. For the past few years Sony have been working on multiple films and shows based on their IPs and with Destiny now part of the group it was only a matter of time until one of the biggest franchise in the world got a spin off or two.


A new job listing, spotted by thegamepost, suggests that Bungie are looking for someone to “produce projects that extend the franchise into new categories including TV, films, books, comics.”

Of note under the ‘Required skills’ section it states the applicant must have “Experience with licensed products, and/or animation, scripted television development or current programming”. A full blown live action Destiny tv show or film would require an immense budget so an animated series seems the best way to go. That would link in with fact that former Riot Games’ League of Legends animated shorts director, Derick Tsai joined Bungie earlier this year, but he’s not working on the games, he’s working on films, tv and animation.

Destiny 2 is currently around half way through it’s latest season having launched The Witch Queen expansion in February.

We scored that 8/10 in our review in which I said “Another solid expansion from Bungie but there is little in the way of brand new features. Enemies are reskinned, and the Light bearing enemies just use supers Guardians have had for years. Still, there’s a hell of a lot to do and the maps are the biggest we have seen in Destiny by a long way. The Witch Queen Guaranteed to keep fans busy for many hours, lets hope Gambit and Crucible get some love later on this year.”

Source: thegamepost

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