Streets of Rage movie is reportedly in the works

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A Streets of Rage movie is reportedly in the works, according to an article posted by Deadline. A script for Streets of Rage has apparently been penned by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad, though what the script contains is unknown outside of the inner circle that would be working on this adaptation. SEGA will be a major part of the adaptation, and dj2 Entertainment will also be involved having worked on the Sonic movies.

Streets of Rage first debuted in 1991 and since then has had three sequels, including the 2020 release of Streets of Rage 4. The series is about a group of street fighting former police officers taking on gangs, corrupt officers, and their larger than life bosses including main antagonist Mr X. It is likely he would be the main villain of any Streets of Rage movie but how the time would be shared between protagonists would be another matter. It could be that the Streets of Rage movie focuses on the three original fighters, Blaze Fielding, Axel Stone, and Adam Hunter or chooses to make one of them the main character.


Nothing more has been confirmed for the Streets of Rage movie as of yet. There is no predicted release window, no casting announcements, and no plot details. It does mean that for now people can speculate about which actors would be able to adapt the characters well. Who would be able to carry Blaze’s confident demeanour and acrobatic fighting style, Axel’s brawling gruffness, and Adam’s cool and serious demeanour? Would SEGA allow for the movie to be rated anything more than a teen rating? After all, Streets of Rage’s whole identity is based around violence which can get nasty. It definitely would require a different approach compared to the family friendly Sonic movies, appealing to a more mature audience.

Source: Deadline

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