Borderlands x Ballantine’s boozy crossover promises new BL3 content

borderlands x ballantines

Here’s a press release we weren’t expecting to receive this morning. Ballantine’s, the fine makers of world-renowned scotch, are crossing streams with Borderlands 3 in a boozy new promotion.

Who better to serve as an ambassador than fan favourite hostess, Mad Moxxi? Balantine’s has confirmed that the popular Borderlands character is now its Chief Galactic Expansion Officer (CGEO) to help promote the esteemed whisky brand beyond the stars. The announcement was accompanied by the following video, which includes a number of familiar faces from the looter shooter series.


Moxxi’s role as CGEO will see her bring together existing Vault Hunters and new looters from across the galaxy, serving up a series of missions and launching her very own limited-edition loot. She’ll also be laying down some new ground rules in Moxxi’s Bar and will be promoting responsible drinking via a special, personalised, cameo-filled message live from Pandora.

So, what does this all actually mean? Ballantine’s will soon be launching a Moxxi’s Bar Edition of its famous whisky that will unlock “exclusive Borderlands 3 content” for those who manage to get their hands on a bottle. Pricing and retailers have yet to be confirmed, though this cross-promotion will only run for a limited time. Exactly what content BL3 players can expect has yet to be disclosed, though we’d hazard a guess at themed cosmetics and maybe even a custom weapon for gamers to outfit their Vault Hunters.

This isn’t the first time Borderlands has thrown in with a well-known drinks brand. To accompany the launch of Borderlands 3, Gearbox teamed up with Beavertown to create the Bandit Brew Beer –you can read our in-depth thoughts here.

Borderlands 3 may seem like a distant memory, though the series has leapt back into the spotlight this year. Building on the success of a beloved Borderlands 2 expansion, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is its own standalone looter shooter with a fantasy roleplaying theme. In our review, Jason scored it a superb 9/10.

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