Elden Ring players who wear skimpy panties are getting soft banned

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Hold your horses, this isn’t a story about From Software cracking down on gentlemen who like to game in their wife’s lingerie, that is still perfectly acceptable you can wear what you like when smacking the Draconic Tree Sentinel round the chops. It’s actually a story about naughty hackers who have unlocked a pair of panties that should not be accessible in the game.

In Elden Ring a character called Fia was going to drop a pair of panties called “Deathbed Smalls” but these were cut from the final game. Modders have found a way to unlock the precious panties and have been strolling around the play area in all their finery. As players can trade items, the panties have been finding their way on to the buttocks of players who have no idea about modding.

While this isn’t an issue playing offline if you are playing online and knocking around in the knickers then From Software will slap you with a soft ban. They will mark you as Quarantined and only let you play with other Quarantined players. This has caught innocent players who just happened to pick up the pants from another player by surprise.

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From Software have said that the only way to get rid of the ban is to delete your save file, something many people do not wish to do. However, the Redditor who revealed the panty ban has now said that by contacting From Software and explaining the situation he did manage to get the ban removed. However, he does warn:

Don’t pick up panties you don’t know about.

Good advice whether playing Elden Ring or during a Saturday night out in Newcastle.

In related news, FromSoftware could be one of the studios that Sony is looking to acquire as it continues to build up its studio portfolio. This rumour comes from Dr Sekan Toto, CEO of Tokyo based gaming consultancy company Kantan Games Inc. FromSoftware is very hot property at the moment following the successful release of Elden Ring, but a potential buyout by Sony is still a rumour only.

Elden Ring 1.04 update is out now, read the notes here.

Source: Reddit

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