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The Overwatch 2 PvP beta kicks off today at 7PM UK time, and will run through to 17th May, but how do you get access to the closed testing event? Well, in addition to sending out invites to a select group of people, Blizzard has jumped on the trend of getting people to watch Twitch streams in order to secure a code.

Overwatch 2 invites will start being sent out via email at 7PM to people who own the game on PC and have opted in for the beta – head here if you want to do that now. That does, however, extend to people who have downloaded and installed Overwatch as a free trial during the beta period. The beta is initially available on PC, but will come to console in future tests.

But what if you don’t get an invite and really want to play? Well, from 6PM UK time on 27th April, you will be able to watch a select group of streamers on Twitch that will be broadcasting the beta themselves. If you watch any of the streamers for a total of four cumulative hours, you will get a code. Just make sure to link your account to your Twitch account for it to count!

Thankfully, for those who really just want to get a hold of the game, the list of streamers you can tune into includes the official PlayOverwatch Twitch account.

Overwatch 2 is a strange pseudo sequel to the hit 2016 original, especially now that the PvP side of the game which will be rolled out to players of the original is set to release well before the PvE portion that was to be the impetus to pay for the new release.

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The first PvP beta will include a bunch of new content from this to showcase the overhauled gameplay and game balance. Overwatch 2 cuts down for 6v6 to 5v5 multiplayer, it also has a new Push game mode, hero reworks, and a new Damage hero called Sojourn. The beta has been described as the biggest public release of content since the game’s original 2016 launch.

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