Marvel Avengers patch 2.3.2 fixes War Table issues

marvels avengers overhaul update 2022

Marvel Avengers has got a new patch, update 2.3.2, which addresses some issues to do with the War Table. The patch also addresses a couple of animation issues. The fixes include stopping Vault Missions from disappearing, and also stopping incorrect rewards showing up as well. Kamala’s Ms Marvel outfit has also been fixed up so the animations are better. You can read the update notes below.


  • Fixed an issue causing the HIVE Mind Mission Chain to still be active on the War Table.
  • Fixed an issue causing Vault Missions to disappear from the War Table upon completion.
  • Fixed an issue during Quickmatch missions causing players’ Heroes to change after reloading a checkpoint.
  • Fixed an issue causing the War Table to display inaccurate mission rewards on Elite Vault missions.
  • Fixed an issue causing the War Table to display incorrect rewards on some Villain Sector missions.


  • Fixed an issue causing environmental distortion in Taskmaster Wasteland missions. Fixed an issue with several MCU Thor Outfits that display the non-MCU version of Mjolnir when the player throws it.
  • Fixed an animation issue with Kamala’s “Magnificent Ms. Marvel” Outfit.

Recently, it was confirmed that Jane Foster will be added as a playable character with update 2.5.  Developer Crystal Dynamics has said that her design is mainly influenced by the Marvel comics in which she appears, Jane Foster having taken up Thor’s hammer in 2014. Marvel’s Avengers update 2.5 doesn’t have a release date. The developers are currently working on 2.4 which looks to improve the core game by making events more dynamic and rewarding. Here are some of the proposed changes:

  • To make each event more unique and worth playing, we’re improving and diversifying rewards across events, with each event now rewarding gear from different sets.
  • Adding Unit rewards to a wider variety of event missions to provide even more ways to earn shipments and cosmetic vendor outfits.
  • Adding higher power level gear rewards to meta objectives to create another path to gear-up beyond the soft-cap on drops for non-Raid/Omega-Level Threat content.
  • Meta objectives will grant rewards to your entire eligible roster, not just a single hero, allowing you to gear up your squad while playing your favourite hero.

Which Avenger could be coming next after Jane Foster? A now-deleted tweet from voice actress, Krizia Bajos, seemingly confirms that She-Hulk will join the game’s roster. Other strong contenders include Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, tying in nicely with the next big MCU arc when Multiverse of Madness hits cinema screens later this year.

Source: Marvel Avengers official site

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