Nazralath: The Fallen World is more Planescape: Torment than Dark Souls

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Nazralath: The Fallen World was revealed last week by Euclidean Studios, with the studio describing the title as a dark fantasy action adventure influenced by Dark Souls and Planescape: Torment. The original trailer did lean towards the game being like a soulslike game, but Euclidean Studios has come out and clarified that the gameplay loop will not be like the games by FromSoftware. The tone is inspired by those games but not much more.


The story description for Nazralath: The Fallen World reads: “You are Orphiel, a fallen knight hailing from a seemingly distant land, your past is but a faint memory, hinted only through the faded adornments on your dented armor. You awaken in a cold, decrepit tomb in the bowels of a Dirphal temple, with wounds that would have slain you five times over. Haunting dreams follow your thoughts, and your fragmented memory proves merciful enough for you to recollect your name, if little else.”

A couple of screenshots show the dialogue and choice screen below, highlighting the Planescape: Torment influence and how there will be a dialogue to get through. It seems the best way to think about Nazralath is as a third person CRPG.

As of right now, Nazralath: The Fallen World has only been confirmed for PC. This is due to the fact that Euclidean does not have development kits for consoles, and is also a small studio so is focusing its resources for the PC version. Three areas in the world of the game have been hinted at already including Nazralath itself, the Behemoth Graveyard where towering skeletons litter the environment looking like they have fallen in battle, and the Ashlands. Ashlands looks grey and gloomy where there has also been battle with it appearing to be under the control of one faction.

Source: Reddit/Steam

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