All Dying Light players get a free upgrade to the Enhanced Edition with update 1.49

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Techland have decided to upgrade all copies of Dying Light to the Enhanced Edition of the game, giving away a whole host of previously paid DLC content and bonuses. This means that every owner of the Standard Edition of Dying Light can now play the pretty great The Following FLC for free!

Here’s everything that you now get with every copy of Dying Light:

  • The Following expansion (including a new story, new map, and vehicle)
  • The Bozak Horde
  • Crash Test Skin Pack
  • Ultimate Survivor Bundle
  • and Cuisine & Cargo

In order to access this additional content, you simply need to upgrade the game to version 1.49 and then select the option “DLC Packs” from the main menu to choose and download the free content.

Patch 1.49 does have some upsides for those who already have the Enhanced Edition though, as Tolga and Fatin will reward you with their latest invention if you help them. To get the blueprints, you need to take on their event and kill seven different enemy types, adding them to a global bounty event. Beyond that, there’s also a new Dieselpunk DLC bndle, which adds a new chainsaw, SMG, saw blade, outfit and buggy skin.

Not only that, but the Hellraid DLC is getting a final update to tweak and improve the game, adding a one-off firearm to the fantasy campaign, rework the armoury and add new Crystal consumables.

And finally, the Be the Zombie PvP mode has been given one final balance update, based on community feedback from the last seven years. Here’s the change list.

That’s a lot of goodies for players of the original game, and it’s great to see Techland remain so dedicated to supporting their biggest game. Earlier this year, they released a free new generation upgrade for Dying Light, updating it to take advantage of the new console generation. This was a bolt out of the blue, considering that the studio has been so hard at work on finishing up Dying Light 2 for the last few years.

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