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Today’s latest Nintendo Indie World stream was, as you’d expect, packed with indie games and announcements for when they will be coming to Nintendo Switch. Some are out now, some coming later this year, and some are even further away. Let’s dive in!

The stream started with Ooblets, the cute slice of life, creature collector that has been in Xbox and PC Early Access for the last two years. Good news! It’s coming to Switch, and it’s getting a full release across all three platforms this summer!


Fast-paced action RPG Balora: Lost Haven will take players on a cosmic adventure this autumn.

ElecHead, a well received platformer from Nama Takahashi and Tsuyomi, will be making the jump from last year’s Steam release to Nintendo Switch this summer.

The music action game, Soundfall brings its four player procedurally generated goodness to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC today.

Chucklefish revealed Wildfrost, a deck-building Roguelike that will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC this winter. Build a deck of companions and elemental forms and then try to take back the world from the Wildfrost, saving your town in the process.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is coming to Switch this summer, following up on its Xbox and PC releases.

Devolver Digital is bringing the side-scrolling platformer Gunbrella to Switch in 2023, coming from the creators of Gato Roboto. It’s nowhere near as minimalist as that game, with the gunbrella giving you plenty of flying, swinging and dashing abilities, as well as deflecting incoming bullets and sending a hail of gunfire back at enemies.

We Are OFK will bring its narrative journey of creating a band, dating and living in LA to Nintendo Switch this summer. The game will have weekly episodes and interactive music videos.

The underwater adventure of SILT will be coming out in June. The game lets you possess underwater creatures and use their strengths and abilities through its side-scrolling adventure, and features a fully hand drawn art style.

Mini Motorways is out now on Nintendo Switch after its debut on Apple Arcade and PC. Manage a growing metropolis’ growing congestion problems for as long as you can. All versions of the game have been updated with a free “Night Lights” update.

Wayward Strand is a narrative adventure featuring a teenage journalist exploring a flying hospital and uncovering he stories of the people aboard. It’s out on 21st July.

Cute but deadly culy management and dungeon-crawling game Cult of the Lamb will also be coming to Nintendo Switch this year. Read our hands on preview from WASD here!

Another Crab’s Treasure follows Aggro Crab with a dive into the soulslike genre.


And then there’s all the rest:

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