Mario Strikers: Battle League Football overview trailer shows off its over the top action

Mario Strikers Battle League Football Header

Nintendo has released a new overview trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, giving eager fans of the plumber’s amateur footballing a good look at the game before it comes out for Nintendo Switch on 10th June.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is a fresh arcade take on 5v5 football matches, filling the game with powerups and over the top action – no, I’m not talking about a lofted throughball.

There’s no holds barred action throughout, with the pitch having rounded off corners, being surrounded by an electric fence, and the referees getting lost on the way to the stadium. There’s no rules, so you can tackle and clatter into the opponents as hard as you like. I mean… Mario literally drop kicks Luigi in the electric fence at one point! There’s also items, such as the green shell which will bounce around the pitch, and the banana to slip up on.

The overview trailer showed off some advance techniques like the Team Tackle, where one player shoves their teammate into a tackle to cover extra ground – this can even lead to just picking up the ball, like this is rugby or something! Another move to pull off a Hyper Strike: grab a Strike Orb, perform a little timed power up and then let rip with a blazing character-specific shot that will score two shots.

Players all have different strengths and weaknesses across five attributes – Strength, Speed, Shooting, Passing, Technique – and can tweak an improve their abilities by equipping gear. There’s a Chain Helmet, Muscle Gauntlets, Cannon Boots and more in the game.

The game will support both local and online multiplayer. Up to eight players can play locally, while online play allows for two players to head online from the same console to play against other duos. The game also features a Club mode with up to 20 players able to join a club and take part in leagues. There’s seasonal play, the finishing position determining the ranking and whether you get promoted or relegated for the next season that starts.

All in all, it looks pretty wild, but I’m looking forward to finding out how it plays. Maybe Nintendo are angling for the FIFA license from 2024?

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