Fall Guys goes free to play and comes to Xbox & Switch in June

Fall Guys Season 6 Header

Fall Guys had two big announcements in one today, as Mediatonic and Epic announced that the game will be going free to play on 21st June, and that it’s coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at the same time!

With the ‘Free for All’ announcement, they also confirmed that the game will launch with full cross-play and partying up between platforms. With the game going free, there will be no need for those pesky online multiplayer subscriptions, whether you’re on PlayStation, Xbox or Switch.

As a nice thank you for all the people that played since the game’s breakout success in the summer of 2020 – helped, of course, by being free through PlayStation Plus for its launch – all players that have launched the game before 21st June will receive the Legacy Pack. This will include three costumes, a Nickname, a Nameplate, and (perhaps best of all) the Season Pass for the new season.

That season’s name? Well, it’s called ‘Free for All’ as well, which is kind of fitting for the game.

Mediatonic and Epic pushed through a grand migration on PlayStation in the last few weeks, pushing people from the original game client to a new game client that is completely and utterly identical… except that the store listing now states that the publisher is Epic instead of Mediatonic. Pointless red tape, in other words.

With the long, long awaited release of the game for Xbox and Switch, all of the studio’s resources can then be turned to the future of the game across its four platforms, instead of handling tricky game ports and backend faff. Even so, ‘Free for All’ should bring plenty to see and do in the game, and it could be a great chance to jump back into the game. You know, while there’s a bunch of people that don’t have a clue what’s going on playing…

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