Dead By Daylight Chapter 24 reveal – new killer, map, and more

dead by daylight chapter 24

Dead By Daylight has revealed its year 7 roadmap with plenty of content launching throughout 2022 and beyond.

To celebrate the second most spooky time of the year, Behaviour Interactive has gone all-out for this year’s Dead By Daylight anniversary. A new chapter, map, and crossover are just the tip of the iceberg for this much-loved multiplayer horror game.

Having recently passed 50 million players worldwide, DBD is gearing up for its latest chapter which arrives on June 7th 2022, soon going live on the test server. The developers have fallen into a nice rhythm with these content drops – where the previous season was inspired by Ringu, chapter 24 “Roots of Dread” is completely original.

As always, there are a pair of new characters coming to Dead By Daylight including one Survivor and one Killer. Haddie Kaur is a new hero whose hobbies include investigating supernatural hotspots, which is no doubt helped by being able to see “bleeds” between our world and that of the Entity.

She’ll be going up against The Dredge, easily one of the game’s most original, eye-catching Killers. This twisted mass of limbs and exposed bones excels in surprise tactics, with the unique ability of hiding within the lockers scattered around every map. Typically used by Survivors to confuse Killers and break off a pursuit, you’ll now need to think twice as The Dredge can teleporting between them.

As with other characters, these two new additions will come with their own unique perks, though Behaviour has yet to disclose what these are just yet.

Tying Roots of Dread together is a new map: The Garden of Joy. The devs wanted to recapture the look of those idyllic small town American homes seeded within just about every early horror movie. Relatively inviting on the outside, its interiors have been flipped as you walk on ceilings, playing into The Dredge’s twisted nature.

How can you access this new content? If you want to add Haddie and The Dredge to your roster you will need to purchase Dead By Daylight Chapter 24 on June 7. You won’t need to pay for the new map, however.

So, what else has been announced during the 6th anniversary event? A second Resident Evil crossover – dubbed “Project W” – has been announced, pointing to series’ bad guy, Wesker, as a potential new Killer.

Another, less expected, crossover sees DBD collide with Attack on Titan. Sadly, there’s no new AoT-themed chapter, though it has been confirmed that 10 outfits based on the popular manga and anime are headed to the in-game store.

Oh, did we mention there’s Dead By Daylight dating sim too?

We recently re-reviewed Dead By Daylight for 2020, bumping up its original score:

Dead By Daylight has evolved into somewhat of a phenomenon, proving that the often maligned games-as-a-service model produces more than just cookie cutter loot shooters. It’s still an acquired taste and a bit rough around the edges though stands out as one of the most unique ongoing multiplayer games of the generation.

Those who currently own a copy of Dead By Daylight on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can upgrade for free on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S respectively, carrying over their progress – here’s how.

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