Miasma Chronicles announced by the makers of Mutant Year Zero

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505 Games and developer The Bearded Ladies have announced Miasma Chronicles at the inaugural 505 Games Showcase. The game is a ‘tactical adventure’ that will build on the foundations of their previous game, Mutant Year Zero.

Miasma Chronicles will follow two brothers, Elvis and Diggs, in a quest to find their mother. It’s set in a grim future world where a mysterious phenomenon known as the Miasma has ruined the world, but in the trailer we see that they might be able to counteract the Miasma in some ways. Elvis has a power glove that he struggles to channel some kind of power through, while his older brother Diggs is… well, he’s a robot.

Elvis Ashlee is played by Daniel Amerman, while Diggs is played by Byron Marc Newsome. They will, as you would expect, be joined by other characters on their journey through this world.

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Building from the success of Mutant Year Zero, The Bearded Ladies are determined to push certain aspects of their craft to new heights. In particular, they want to add more detail and narrative systems to the game world, while also trying to ensure that the game is enjoyable by as wide an audience as possible, all without losing what made their previous titles popular.

The Beaded Ladies’ first game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden released in December 2018, followed by Corruption 2029 in the summer of 2020. Looking back on their debut, our Mutant Year Zero review draw plenty of praise from Tom, who said:

“Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is an exceptional take on the tactical RPG and the addition of a stealth system certainly sets it apart from the crowd. Both genres blend together in a way that’s satisfying, challenging and well designed, while an engaging and well-written narrative drives the player forward. The difficulty might be an issue for those new to the genre, but for those seasoned in turn-based tactics, this is an absolute must buy.”

Source: 505 Games

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