Action RPG Stray Blade will resurrect an anthropological knight in 2023

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A fresh trailer for Stray Blade has been revealed at the 505 Games Showcase, giving a new single-player action RPG coming from Point Blank Games, the developer of Shock Tactics. It’s also come with a new release window, with Stray Blade now set for launch in 2023 across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Here’s the in-progress showcase.


In Stray Blade, you will play as Ferran, an anthropologist heading to the mysterious lost valley Acrea to research an ancient civilisation. It all goes rather wrong when he triggers a thousand year old spell and blows himself up by mistake.

That’s not the end, as he’s resurrected into unlife and bound to the lands, finding a common friend in the magical creature Boji, a Xhinnon wolf. This new partnership will journey through Acrea, battling foes and seeking to discover more about and restore balance to this land.

A few key things will help this game stand out from the crowd, with a weapon mastery system that will blend across all weapons that you craft and unlock through your adventure. In this regard, Point Blank hope to avoid new weapons feeling useless and underpowered when you find them.

Secondly, Boji will help out in combat, developing alongside the player and unlocking skills to assist. He will decide when and where to help, but it can extend as far as to immediately restore you to life if you should fall in combat – perhaps in combat with one of several big bad bosses that you’ll have to defeat.

Not always, though. Death is neither like a checkpoint, nor like a Soulsborne world reset, but something else in this game. Narratively, Boji will wait until an opportunity to then drag you to a resurrection point, the passage of time allowing the world to change. Previously cleared areas could become occupied by animals or another faction in the meantime, the time of day can shift and more. It’s an intriguing slant and could put a fresh spin on proceedings for fans of Soulsborne games.

Read more about this in our Stray Blade preview here.

Source: 505 Games

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