Hell Let Loose console update 1.008 adds a ton of new content

Hell Let Loose has been updated to version 1.008 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, adding a number of maps, weapons, and content that is centred around Soviet Union content, which has been available on PC since last year. Black Matter have considered the timing of the release considering the War in Ukraine. In the end the decision has been made to release this content on console too as Black Matter states that Soviet Union’s war with Nazi Germany is not the same as the conflict today. Also, the console and PC versions need to be at parity.


The full patch notes for Hell Let Loose 1.008 can be read below.


  • Stalingrad
  • Kursk
  • Sainte Marie du Mont v2 (Replace SMDM v1)
  • Foy US Offensive
  • Hill 400 GER Offensive
  • Purple Heart Lane (Rain) GER Offensive
  • Carentan GER Offensive


  • PPSh-41
  • PPSh-41 w/ Drum
  • SVT-40
  • Mosin Nagant 1891
  • Mosin Nagant M38
  • Mosin Nagant 91/30
  • DP-27
  • Mosin Nagant 91/30 Scoped
  • SVT-40 Scoped
  • Nagant M1895
  • Tokarev TT33
  • PTRS-41
  • ZiS-2
  • MPL-50 Spade
  • M97 Trench Gun
  • FG42
  • FG42 Scoped (4x)


  • RG-42 Grenade
  • RDG-2 Smoke Grenade
  • Pomz AP Mine
  • TM-35 AT Mine
  • Satchel Charge (SOV)


  • RKKA 8×40 Binoculars
  • Watch (SOV)
  • Revive (SOV)
  • Bandage (SOV)
  • Wrench (SOV)
  • Hammer (SOV)
  • Blowtorch (SOV)
  • Supplies (SOV)
  • Medical Supplies (SOV)
  • Small Ammunition Box (SOV)
  • Explosive Ammo Box (SOV)


  • Soviet Union versions of all existing roles (In-Game & Barracks)
  • US Assault – Veteran (In-Game & Barracks)
  • GER Automatic Rifleman – Paratrooper (In-Game & Barracks)
  • GER Sniper – Veteran (In-Game & Barracks)
  • Anti Tank Loadouts shuffled around.
  • New loadout order: Standard Issue, Gun Crew, Ambusher.
  • Old order: Standard Issue, Ambusher, Gun Crew.


  • T34 Medium Tank (SOV)
  • IS-1 Heavy Tank (SOV)
  • ZiS-5 Transport Truck (SOV)
  • ZiS-5 Supply Truck (SOV)
  • BA10 Recon Vehicle (SOV)
  • M3 Half-Track (SOV)
  • Replace Panther with Panzer IV Medium Tank (GER)
  • M3 Half-Track (US)
  • Sd.Kfz.251 Half-Track (GER)

Commander Abilities:

  • Katyusha Strike
  • Spawn Half-Track
  • US – Light & Medium Tanks can now be spawned.
  • German – Light Tank can now be spawned.
  • Resource changes to all the Commander Abilities.
  • Final Stand removed.


  • Set to Soviet Backdrop – Front End
  • Enable Soviet Music Tracks
  • Update IIS to Soviet Key-art
  • Added New Maps to Field Manual
  • Add Console-specific text updates to Field Manual


  • Defender of the Motherland – Play 5 matches on Stalingrad.
  • To the Village of my Babushka – Play 5 matches on Kursk.

DLC Uniforms (Platform Holder Store & In-Game):

  • Tropic Fever – US Cosmetic DLC
  • Hot Drop – US Cosmetic DLC
  • False Front – German Cosmetic DLC
Bug Fixes
  • Debug text / missing commend button prompt present within the field manual in Russian.
  • The game will softlock on the ‘Leave Server’ prompt after resigning as Commander
  • No vote confirmation when a player votes to punish their team killer
  • FPS drop occurs while tanks are firing at one another
  • Non-functional button prompts are present above the map’s key
  • Game will stop registering some controller inputs during gameplay
  • Radial menu does not close after releasing the button in most vehicles
  • Suspending the title when loading into a map causes crash or game closure
  • “Apply and back” prompt in in-game options are not localised
  • The player can equip items that the player has run out of using RB/R1
  • Turning off adaptive triggers and restarting the game will show the trigger still being adaptive and the setting still Off
  • ‘B’ or ‘O’ button to close the Personal Stats page does not function on post-match scoreboard
  • Two functions mapped to the same button on post-game scoreboard
  • T17 overlay ‘Recently played with’ tab doesn’t update after blocking player
  • Leaving the Commander role will result in the player having a slight loss of focus
  • Invert axis controls don’t function when using an Anti-Tank gun
  • The player will receive a network error message if they initiate matchmaking immediately after they cancel it
  • Noticeable LOD transitions for sandbags
  • Airhead spawn number continuously increases until the Airhead disappears
  • [Carentan] Player can clip through and shoot through a hedge asset
  • Host will crash at the IIS after performing a LAN disconnection in game while in a party.
  • Scoreboard option “Key” and description of units are not correctly translated.
  • VoIP exploit on consoles

In our review for Hell Let Loose, I wrote: “Hell Let Loose could become a real hit amongst those looking for a bit more of a grounded experience than Call of Duty or Battlefield. However, the experience will rely heavily on the community engaging with each other positively to put plans together and make the experience authentic. Hell Let Loose is a game about teamwork and without it the chaos of war will overwhelm a player.

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