Kerbal Space Program 2 delayed to 2023

Kerbal Space Program 2 has been delayed once again and will now launch on PC in early 2023 with the console versions following later that year. This is not the first time game has delayed, it was originally meant to be out in 2020. 

Here’s the post from Nate Simpson, Creative Director for Kerbal Space Program 2:

Hi everyone – this is Nate Simpson, Creative Director for Kerbal Space Program 2. We have made the difficult decision to move the release date of KSP 2, which will now launch in early 2023 on PC with our console release later that year.

We are building a game of tremendous technological complexity, and are taking this additional time to ensure we hit the quality and level of polish it deserves. We remain focused on making sure KSP2 performs well on a variety of hardware, has amazing graphics, and is rich with content. We’ve built a spectacular team at Intercept Games – a team that includes, as previously mentioned, key members from the development team behind the original Kerbal Space Program. We have the perfect combination of experienced, passionate, and skilled developers to fully realize this game’s ambitious potential.

We are forever grateful to the KSP community for sticking with us on this journey, and we appreciate your continued support as we push towards the finish line. We can’t wait for everyone to play the game, and we’ll keep sharing more information with you in the coming months.

A month ago Intercept Games and Private Division released a new developer video, the core subject being interstellar travel. Kerbal Space Program 2 is going to be much, much bigger in scope compared to the original, allowing players to sail out to the stars, and to deal with the technical challenges of doing so.

The video touches on a few different subjects including why the decision was made to go interstellar in Kerbal Space Program 2, how that decision led to different challenges for the developers, the kind of things players should expect and a few things to understand for successful travel. There is also a brief discussion with author Paul Glister who wrote Centauri Dreams, with it centred around why we should even focus on interstellar travel. The whole video is worth a watch, even if you’re not the biggest Kerbal Space Program fan.

The developers are looking to make things much more user-friendly this time around so players can get to understand the systems in play faster, and this will include animated tutorials as well as better assembly systems. Furthermore, there will be a new generation of tech to use in the game which includes improved boosters and next-gen engines. The explosions are also being updated in Kerbal Space Program 2 with the system taking into account the fuel type, where the fuel is, what part of the ship has exploded, and a little bit of randomness to make all explosions unique. In terms of engines once you have explored the system a whole range of interstellar engines can be created to reach very high speeds, and these engines can run for months or years.


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