WRC Generations will be Nacon’s last rally racer with the license

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Nacon and KT Racing have announced WRC Generations, which will be the final game they can produce with the WRC license before it transfers to Codemasters and EA in 2023. WRC Generations will launch on 13th October across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and a little later on for PC and Nintendo Switch.


WRC Generations will build on the well-set foundations of WRC 9 and 10, the culmination of seven years of WRC games. This year’s simulation is being improved and optimised to match some of the demands of the exacting fanbase, but it’s not just a retrospective.

No, the 2022 season of WRC has brought with it new hybrid cars, and this blend of electric power and traditional combustion engines is being brought to life within the game’s physics, and with an overhauled sound design. They will join a wide array of vehicles already in the game, with 37 legendary cars to be found in the titles.

There will be 13 rallies for the 2022 season, but as with previous games, this is an iterative effort, and WRC Generations will include 22 countries and 165 Special Stages as a whole. Highlights will include the new snowy route in Sweden.

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Starting up in Career mode now lets you choose your team and player’s history, while featuring a new hybrid car aspect to the skill tree. In League mode, you can take on daily and weekly challenges to try and top rankings, while a Teams system will let you team up with fellow racers online. The Livery editor in-game now lets you share your creations online. And you can now train in both split-screen and online co-op as well.

WRC 10 was already a great rallying game, with KT Racing having really honed in on what makes their rally game tick over the last few years. In our WRC 10 review, Dom said: “WRC 10 is a great rally package that hones many of the WRC 9’s strengths to a finer edge. There’s a couple of visual glitches that need working on, but all in all, rally fans will love what KT Racing have put together this year.”

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  1. On one hand it’s a shame that it’ll be KT Racing’s last WRC game as they’ve done a great job, especially with the last two games. But on the other hand I couldn’t be happier that Codemasters is taking over as they have made some of the best rally games going back to the first Colin McRae Rally game in 1998.

    • Yeah. Hopefully they can kick on with a different rally racing brand. They could bring V-Rally back again or cook up something new, but I think they now have a certain cachet with rally fans, that they can lean on.

      • I hope they will. I would prefer a sim base game rather than the arcade style of V-Rally, although I did enjoy those games.

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