Marvel Snap is a card battler coming to mobile and PC, sign up for closed beta now

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Marvel Snap has been revealed as a brand new card battler that will be released on mobile and PC, and it is being described as the fastest card battler out there. That is because matches are designed to last for no more than three minutes with six turns per match. The characters available in Marvel Snap will come from across the Marvel Multiverse, with players earning new cards. The gameis a free to play game, and the developers are Nuverse and Second Dinner.


Marvel Snap is going into a closed beta and you can sign up for a chance to get in now. However, be aware that the beta for the game is for Android only. If you are lucky enough to get into the beta you could have an advantage over players who join later. That is because players who do get into the beta will have their progression carry over to the full release.

Marvel Snap cards will have a lot variations due to the sheer number of characters coming through the multiverse. There are also a number of location environments to face off in including Asgard, Wakanda, and New York City. There are over 50 locations with more to be added. There will be daily, weekly, and monthly updates that will add new locations, new cards, season passes, and cosmetics to keep things fresh. New events will also be regular to the game to keep players engaged.

A full release date for Marvel Snap is yet to be confirmed, and it will likely follow once the developers have received enough feedback from the beta stage of the game.

Source: Marvel Snap official site

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