What We Played #551 – Evil Dead, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising & Apex Legends Mobile

evil dead: the game review

Despite the weather turning from sun to rain this morning, I’m sure many of you have got that Friday feeling. You know the one, where you don’t want to do any work and play games instead? Well, luckily for me, I’m currently getting to do both at once!

I can’t tell you about what I’m playing right this second, but I will reveal all in the next week or so. What I can say is that I am currently undefeated in the newly released Apex Legends Mobile. Can I keep my streak going this weekend?

Apex Legends Mobile TDM first person

Nic B swanned off to Krakow at the start of the week to attend Digital Dragons, an indie showcase where he got to play a whole bunch of stuff, including Hamster Playground, The Red Hood, Batora, Sucker for Love, Fix Fox, Pokémon Go (which wasn’t part of the event), and a game called Outcore “which I’m actually pretty psyched.”

Meanwhile, Aran finished off his playthrough of Elden Ring – “What a tough game but enjoyed it. Now I’m playing Lost Judgment and solving all the side cases and school stories.”

Miguel took a break from Elden Ring so that he could play through Deathloop and then bounce through WarioWare on Switch. The itch to play more Elden Ring is coming back though… so he’s tried to keep that urge suppressed with games like Citizen Sleeper, Seraph’s Last Stand, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising and Apex Legends!

eiyuden chronicle: rising gameplay

Gamoc has been replaying the first Dying Light – “I forgot how frustrating the first few hours are until you get decent weaponry, but it’s SO good. It puts its sequel to shame.” He added to that with Conan Exiles, but (as always) now finds himself compelled to keep playing despite the excessive time demands. That and he spent a bit too long figuring out how to enable the game’s nudity, “because when your pants break mid combat your dick just flops around suddenly and it is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.”

Reu appeared to tell us that he’s restarted Dragon Quest VII on 3DS, “because I have absolutely no respect for what little time I have right now,” and Steve started on Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, which is a nice respite from his end of year marking, and working through Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong for our review. He’s also been fiddling with his new Retroid Pocket 2+.

evil dead: the game review

Lastly for this week, Nick P has got started playing Evil Dead: The Game, but has been finding it a bit frustrating playing with randoms – “No one wants to actually play the objective and we all end up dying!” Alongside that, it’s been Horizon Forbidden West, Dead by Daylight, FIFA 22, and Fortnite.

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  1. Still going with Elden Ring. Still kind of loving it, still wishing the developers weren’t so stubborn about making games that are annoyingly difficult. Just full of unnecessary grinding if you don’t want to die so much.

    And while on the subject off unnecessary grinding, lots of GT7 again. I shall own all the cars some day. Only 300 or so to go.

    Plus, Evil Dead. Lots of it. Not had too much bad luck with randoms. Must people do play it properly. More fun with friends though. Get a good team and a good demon player, and it turns into wonderful chaos. My top tip is to always tap L1 while you open a supply crate. People will love you for it. Those pink things to upgrade are so important. Also, a crate full of mini Ashes, or a possessed moose head is hilarious.

    • What’s the your PSN ID? I’m playing Evil Dead at the moment so. I’ll add you as a friend.

      • Possibly unsurprisingly, it’s MrYd. Nowhere near my PS5 at the moment, but I’ll probably squeeze in a few games tomorrow evening. You’re welcome to join me, especially if the usual thing is only having 3 of us happens. And you don’t run off across the map on your own. Which is a terrible tactic.

  2. I played Mercenaries 2 and Lego Worlds this week, made some good progress in Lego Worlds and I’m now just grinding chests for brick pieces and the billion studs trophy.
    Oh and I also got the platinum for My Name Is Mayo 3. Don’t judge me, the story is actually quite touching!

  3. This week in Elden Ring, i’ve been trying to solo the game as much as possible but after about a dozen attempts at Rennala (almost had her in the second attempt but then each attempt got progressively worse) i caved in and called in some co-op help. Holy cow, my helpers decimated her in moments although one of them perished before i delivered Rennala’s death stroke. Envigored by that, i immediately dropped offline again and went exploring Caelid proper, cleared out Sella town of Sorcery incl the Nox bosses and had a fun time. While carefully navigating web chatter in order to discover certain game details without spoilers, i picked up on some talk of an alternate route to bypass a particular lift – i believe i discovered that route last night. I had to quit for sleep before completing the journey but there’s some wonderful singing in the air as i climb this precipice..

  4. Ah, the lovely singing. In actual Latin. You’ll discover where it’s coming from soon enough. Be careful around there. No dodging off the edge to your death. I know exactly where you are.

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