MMO monster battler Temtem 1.0 launch date set for September

The Pokémon-like MMORPG monster battler Temtem will get its full 1.0 release on 6th September, developer Crema and publisher Humble have announced. The game will be out across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC with pre-orders now live on all platforms except Switch.


Having been in Early Access for quite some time, and with a bunch of significant expansion updates already under their belt, Temtem 1.0 will have one last bundle of new features and content to round out the experience. This includes the Endgame Island, a sixth and final landmass in the Airborne Archipelago that will feature new activities to test your trainer skills at, new places to shop and new areas to explore.

It was also mark the shift from pre-launch to post-launch content drops. There will be weekly quests to complete, which will be regularly updated, and Crema will be shifting to seasonal updates and a Battle Pass with both free and premium reward tracks.

Temtem is a game that seeks to take the magic of Pokémon and turn it into an MMO. There’s a story campaign to be taken on across six islands as you tame Temtem and fight against the evil Clan Belsoto, but this is a fully online world where you can see other players going on their own adventure, and you can team up with friends to take on the game’s challenges in dual battles. Competitive play is also included with a ‘pick and ban’ system to whittle down a selection of 8 Temtem to a set of 5 that you fight with.

As you’d expect from an online game, you can show off with plenty of character customisation and also purchase a house on Atoll Row that you can then decorate how you see fit, and then invite people to visit.

In a preview of Temtem for PS5 that Aran cooked up at the start of 2021, he said:

“Having played through the opening island and just landed on the second, I’m excited to see what else TemTem has in store. I’ve just discovered the Breeding Centre and left my Saipat and Fomu to get know each other better, as it were. So far TemTem has captured similar feelings to what I felt when playing Pokémon originally on the Game Boy, but with the MMO layer on top of that, TemTem has a chance to become many people’s obsession for years to come.”

Source: press release, Twitter

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