Hunt Showdown patch 1.56 live with bug fixes from the Bayou

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Hunt Showdown patch 1.56 is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, bringing with it a short list of bug fixes.


This latest update is ready to download on consoles with servers back online. In terms of download file size, Hunt Showdown patch 1.56 weighs in at 370MB on PS4. Note that this hotfix will appear as update if you’re playing the PC version.

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This follows the recent 1.55 update which introduced new content and features to the battle royale shooter. As you roam The Bayout in search of bounties, you’ll now run into Pistol Grunts who will try and clobber hunters with their broken sidearm, letting off a loud gunshot upon impact. Then there’s the Lantern Grunt who carries… a lantern. Depending on whether it’s lit or unlit, a successful attack will set hunters ablaze or create an oil puddle. Summons have also been added as a replacement to the existing quest system in-game.

Hunt Showdown Patch 1.56 Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Hunters were not rendered at the correct distance.

  • Fixed an issue where there was no breath and inhale audio when getting revived.

  • Fixed an issue where there was no reward pop-up for some finished Summons.

  • Fixed an issue where the hammer of the Romero 77 didn’t get cocked after a shot.

  • Fixed an issue where all event items were missing the event item background.

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Acquired’ was spelled wrong in the finished Summons reward.

  • Fixed an issue where the Traitor’s Moon event exclusive weapons were still being displayed as an event exclusive.

  • Fixed an issue where the Blood Bond reward pop-up was appearing again after ending the following mission.

  • Fixed an issue where some Hunters got disconnected right at the mission start during “Waiting for Players” screen.

  • Fixed an issue where Hunter bloodline EXP wasn’t counted towards Summon progress when successfully extracting.

Having recently celebrated its fourth birthday, Hunt Showdown is being adapted into a live action series exclusively for free streaming platform, Binge, later this year. That’s not all Crytek has planned for its popular shooter, teasing some pretty big changes and updates coming soon. Hopefully, this includes a beefed up version of the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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