What We Played #552 – Sniper Elite 5, Ni no Kuni & The Quarry

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Oh we do like to play games here at TSA. And there are many games to play. I’ve further derailed myself from ever playing Elden Ring by going back to Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch after really enjoying my time with Cross Worlds. I’ll then have to play Ni no Kuni II after that, so don’t expect to see me any time soon. I’ve also been playing Touken Ranbu Warriors which is like a Warriors game but actually simpler, and then I’m back on the Monster Hunter Rise train in preparation for the Sunbreak expansion. It is a good time for Dominics.

Nic B has played [Embargoed]. And flipping Pokemon Go. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if [Embargoed] is just some more Pokemon Go, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, Gamoc has been playing Winter Ember for review. He’s also been playing MGS5, but hasn’t had much time this week. He must still be watching a cutscene.

Aran has been playing Lost Judgment and trying to tackle all the side cases that he can before getting through the main story. He says, “I’m having fun with the game and just taking the time to explore as much as I can.” I love those kind of games; where you don’t want it to end. I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed III the same way, which is probably a bit strange.

Steve meanwhile has picked up V Rising which is “vampirism Valheim”. He’s also enjoyed his time with a preview demo of The Quarry and decided that marking season was the best time to start Dragon Quest XI. He says, “I am not smart!”. Which is at least only half true.

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Jim has been playing a load of Hunt: Showdown this past week and loving it. He says it’s, “easily the most tense, atmospheric shooter there right now with a plash of survival horror. Having braved the game’s twisted roguelike progression mechanics, I was about to max out and retire one of my hunters when a certain household menace switched off the television. Needless to say, my survivor didn’t survive more than a few seconds exposed his idle self to the enemy teams.”

Hammering his usual Dead by Daylight, Nick P added to that with FIFA 22 and continuing to make he way slowly through Horizon Forbidden West.

Ade has just been playing Sifu, saying, “it’s really good!!” Nick popped back in to agree with him wholeheartedly.

Sniper Elite 5 Review Stealth

Tef has continued to be a rather busy bee this week, as he’s been reviewing Sniper Elite 5 and Roller Champions – both still in progress – got to share his thoughts on Two Point Campus, and probably got to see some things he can’t tell you about yet. Secrets!

What have you played? Was it games?

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  1. In Neverending Ring, i reached Altus Plateau and quickly realised i was not ready for this area yet! Returning to Caria Manor, this time i made my way inside and managed to clear out the whole place! Then i continued on and found Ranni waiting for me (it’s been about 100 hours since i 1st encountered her) so now i can continue her side-quest. I also picked up a tasty new weapon on my travels – Moonveil Katana – and oooh, it’s so nice and slicey!

    And in Dreams, the makers of a game called Giblets 2 had a community jam to get some original short music loops for their game. I submitted 3 x 32sec loops and gosh, not only did they use all 3 but they made one the actual title screen music! The game features a series of themed platforms where the player has to knock ‘giblets’ over the edge without falling off themselves – against a short countdown timer and a variety of obstacles and hazards. It’s a fun and frantic challenge and beautifully presented with some fiendishly clever level designs. ngl, i am chuffed to play a small part in it :)

    • Ah, good old Moonveil Katana. It’s what I’m using, along with another katana in the other hand. I’m finding it works well, especially once you level it up. It’s skill is great too, especially when lots of things are begging to be hit by it all at once.

    • That’s awesome – Congrats! I wish I had the time to do something in Dreams!

  2. I’ve been battling the RNG in Lego Worlds and only have the trophy for collecting a billion studs between me and the platinum. It doesn’t sound a lot for a Lego game, but unlike most (all?) other Lego games, there are no stud multiplier bricks so it’s a bit of a grind. I’ll be focussing on that this weekend. Also, why do devs have a fascination for collecting a billion of things? There’s trophies in various games for collecting a billion and it’s just such a boring grind. Also, the things we go through for a trophy or two! 😂
    I also have Ni No Kuni 1 and 2 on my backlog – which seems to be never ending and endlessly growing!

    • I have started to think I’m probably at a point where I have enough games to last about twenty years. And yet, I continue to buy more.

  3. Lots of Elden Ring. Still loving it, sort of. Some weird bugs (the activation point for various sites of grace being several steps away from the glowy thing), and difficulty that’s all over the place. You shouldn’t die repeatedly from normal enemies and then level up so much by the time you get past them that the boss goes down first try. And it’s all a bit vague where I’m supposed to be going next. So I’ll probably gain another 20 levels by the time I work that out.

    On top of that, a fair bit of GT7. New events to do, except the only car I’ve got that qualifies for one of them is about 1340PP, for an event with a limit of 850PP. Somewhat over powered, I feel.

    And then Evil Dead. Lots of it. It’s fun. A lot of fun. Only problem is, if you want to play as the demon, you’re looking for a match for a lot longer. For obvious reasons. And you really don’t want to turn cross-play on, because of the rampant cheating from PC players. Max level demon the second the game starts? Not going to get far against that.

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