Rumour: Killzone VR was in development, may be a PSVR 2 game

killzone vr psvr 2
killzone vr psvr 2

Bryan Paul from YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole has suggested that a VR game based on the Killzone franchise was being developed by Sony. Paul has accurately leaked and number of PSVR games before but this is the first time anyone has mentioned a VR version of Killzone.

It is reported that the game was in development with Supermassive Games, the team behind PSVR titles Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Tumble, Bravo Team and The Inpatient. It is suggested that for some reason Sony pulled the game from Supermassive, possibly due to the negative reviews that were heaped upon VR shooter Bravo Team. The game was then moved in-house by Sony, although we do not know which team picked it up.

Sony are about to lift the lid on PSVR 2 with a new State of Play broadcast that will include a number of brand new PSVR 2 games. Shooters – if done properly – work very well in VR and Killzone does have a special place in the hearts of may PlayStation fans, it does seem obvious to make Killzone VR. There again, it is so obvious it does seem odd that Killzone VR was not a PSVR1 launch title.

We know Sony have a load of live service free-to-play titles coming out for PS5, what if Killzone was one of them? Launch as a standard F2P shooter and then when PSVR 2 ships and there are enough headsets out there, turn on the VR version. Sony love PC players as well so if Killzone VR was also on other VR headsets and had cross play then that would massively increase the user base, an issue that kills off many VR games. This is all hypothetical thinking by us but if we were Sony that’s what we would do.

When can you watch it? You will be able to tune in and watch the latest State of Play via Twitch and YouTube – fill those coffee cups, UK gamers, the stream won’t start until 11 PM UK time. In other regions that’s 3PM PT / 6PM EST / 12AM CEST.

Here’s what Sony has said:

It’s been more than two months since our last State of Play – who’s ready for a new one? Tune in live next Thursday, June 2 for nearly 30 minutes of announcements and updates from the world of PlayStation. We’ll have some exciting reveals from our third-party partners, plus a sneak peek at several games in development for PlayStation VR2.

We’ve known about PSVR 2 for a while now, Sony having recently shared some specs earlier this year. However, we’ve yet to get an insight as to when the new virtual reality tech will be released, how it will integrate with PS5, and whether that hefty catalogue of PSVR titles will be accessible via backwards compatibility (we sure hope so). Early this week, it was reported that the PSVR 2 will have over 20 launch titles.

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  1. Don’t have VR but when they said they were releasing PSP games on the new PS subscription service I was very disappointed they didn’t cover Vita games as well, as I’d love to be able to play Killzone Mercenary.

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