Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection goes widescreen on PC in July

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Monument Valley is coming to PC, ustwo games has announced, with the Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection launching on Steam on 12th July.

Both Monument Valley games were originally released exclusively on smartphone, and designed very much with mobile gaming, touch and gestures in mind. All of that changes when thinking about how to game on PC, and ustwo games has had to revise the game’s controls and inputs, while preserving the spirit of the originals.

But that’s now what you will have noticed from the teaser trailer. Monument Valley and its sequel are both played in portrait mode on smartphone, but for the PC release, ustwo games has broadened your view into the world, making it widescreen.

Here’s ustwo going behind the scenes with the game’s overhauled inputs and visuals.

The original game was widely praised and acclaimed when it first released in 2014, winning countless awards for it visual style and intuitive puzzling. You look into this isometric world, guiding Princess Ida through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects, while manipulating the world so that she can reach various platforms. The sequel builds on this with two characters, Ro and her child, that you need to guide through the world. Both games have received numerous updates and additional levels over the years, all of which will be included in Monument Valley PC at launch.

Quite unaware of just how big Monument Valley would be, Blair wrote of the original that “Monument Valley feels like a breath of fresh air. […] It’s a clean, sublime experience which definitely shouldn’t be missed on tablets and is really worth considering on mobile devices too.”

As broadly accessible as these games are on mobile – and cheap – it’s great to see them coming to another platform, and this opens up hopes that we might one day see the games coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Switch in future. No word on that today, though.

While some of the team has been working on this port to PC, another part of ustwo has been hard at work on another sequel. It was confirmed all the way back in 2019 that Monument Valley 3 is in the works. Of course, the last couple years have been rather trying, but we can keep our fingers crossed to hear more about this soon.

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