SnowRunner update 1.31 adds Season 7 content, next-gen upgrade

snowrunner season 7

A new SnowRunner update is now available as players dive into the game’s latest season of content. Today also marks the release of SnowRunner on next-gen platforms including PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Ready to download now, the new SnowRunner update is free though you’ll need to pay for access to Season 7: Compete & Conquer. You can either buy the expansion DLC on its own or as part of the SnowRunner Year 2 pass which will also unlock one future and two previous content packs.

So, what’s included in Season 7? Firstly, there’s a new map to explore: Burning Mill, Tennessee. This massive sandbox will be populated with a very different kind of SnowRunner activity, inviting players to compete in timed races. We are also getting two new vehicles.

Gor BY-4 – a super lightweight scout car.

Sprinter 43-19 – an impressive Dakar-style truck designed to maintain a high speed under the harshest conditions.

We also have details on the how to upgrade SnowRunner for next-gen systems.

This upgrade will be free for all existing owners, with transferable saves from a console to its next-gen counterpart (Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S and PS4 to PS5). The Year 1 & 2 Passes and all the DLCs will also be available to purchase at launch.

On top of that, mods can now be activated during crossplay sessions (as long as they’re compatible with Xbox Series X|S or PS5), making for evermore memorable expeditions in co-op!

When SnowRunner launched two years ago, Dom couldn’t help but fall in love with its mix of challenging gameplay and sense of immersion:

“SnowRunner is a game thoroughly, single-mindedly, in love with the open road. It just happens that it’s the kind of love that’s bred by getting that road so thoroughly under your nails, you occasionally have to wonder whether it’s actually hate. Care, attention and time will show that SnowRunner is a passion project worth putting the extra mile in for.”

It will be interesting to see how the community grows now that SnowRunner has arrived on more platforms. We’ll keep our ears to the ground and relay any information on Season 8 as it comes.

Source: Steam

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