Xbox free Games with Gold for June 2022 revealed – Super Meat Boy, Aven Colony & more

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The free Xbox Games with Gold for June 2022 have been revealed, with four free being handed out to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers over the course of the month. It’s the same story as usual, with a selection of games that can get you through the month, but how does it compare to the upcoming batch of PS Plus titles?

What are June 2022’s Xbox Games with Gold?

The four games are the usual mixture of two Xbox One titles and two Xbox or Xbox 360 games that can be played via backward compatibility. Everything is obviously playable on Xbox Series X|S as well. The four games will be made available at different points through the month, as follows:

So, do June’s Games with Gold add up to a good month for subscribers, or are they a bit disappointing?

Well, Super Meat Boy is a defining indie classic, a tough as nails platformer that was so tough and so nails and so platformer that Alex got completely stuck while playing is back in 2010 and felt unable to give it a score. “I thoroughly enjoyed the first dozen levels or so,” he said in our non-review of Super Meat Boy, “and even went back over them to complete them under the par time and get some lovely A+ grades on the world map.  But after you reach the end of the first themed world and start to move into the next, the sheer amount of manual dexterity required to pass each level, never mind ace them, starts to become a little too much for my ageing hands.”

Not one for Alex’s ageing hands, but many people loved it and we recently had Super Meat Boy Forever, an intriguing endless runner take on the sub-genre the original spawned.

I reviewed Aven Colony when it came out back in 2017, and found it to be a fine colony builder and management sim, but lacking a little something. In our review, I wrote, “The first impressions of Aven Colony are great, as you build your first colony, finding your way on this alien world. It doesn’t take too long before you start to see the limitations, whether by design or by mistake, leaving this as a city builder that’s easy to pick up and play, but one that could do with a little more depth.”

If that’s not enough construction for you, then it’s joined by Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition, where your goal is to build and then manage high-rising skyscrapers through over two dozen challenging scenarios or in the sandbox mode.

Lastly, Raskulls gives you a block-breaking wand and challenges you to get through each level as quickly as possible.

So there you have it. A pair of Xbox One management sims, and a pair of Xbox 360 indie platformers.

Can I still download the May 2022 Games with Gold Games?

Yes! You’ve still got a few short hours to grab most of last month’s games. Due to Microsoft’s staggered freebies, Hydro Thunder Hurricane has already exited the service, but the the other three games are still available, either until the end of today (be quick!) or until the middle of June. Here’s the links

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