Resident Evil Netflix adaptation gets a new trailer ahead of release

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Resident Evil, the Netflix adaptation, has got a brand new trailer ahead of its July 14th release date. This new trailer does not shy away from the gore and bloodshed, showing a world where the T-virus spreads quickly turning people into zombies and other creatures. If you are not of fan of seeing blood, some gore, or are a bit of an arachnophobe then maybe don’t hit play.


Resident Evil on Netflix will consist of eight episodes which will run for approximately an hour each. Taking the lead role is Ella Balinska, who you may recognise from Forspoken, as she plays Jade Wesker. Lance Reddick is the biggest name attached to the project and he takes on the role of series antagonist Albert Wesker. You can see from some glimpses in the trailer that Albert Wesker will do whatever it takes it seems.

Confirmed back in 2020,  Supernatural’s Andrew Dabb writing and Bronwen Hughes (The Walking Dead) directing the first two episodes of Resident Evil. It’s been developed Constantin Films, the same team who made the movies, which may indication some sort of continuation of the films. However, the mythology of the films has been rather, flexible, over the six movies and strayed rather far away from the video games, not that Capcom’s games haven’t been going in some wild directions of late.

Netflix will be looking to entice people to stay subscribed to its service as it loses subscribers. This has come down to a number of issues such as the announcement the company will crack down on password sharing, shows being cancelled at a moments notice with many ending on cliffhangers, and price hikes during a cost of living crisis that is hitting people’s budgets. Netflix will hope shows like Resident Evil will stop people leaving and bring other back.

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