F1 Manager 2022 August release date and gameplay revealed in new trailer

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Frontier Developments have announced that F1 Manager 22 will be coming out on 30th August 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC – 25th August if you pre-order. It came alongside a Twitch stream revealing and talking about gameplay for the sports management sim.

Best known for their excellent management sims Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster – as well as the vast space sim Elite Dangerous – F1 Manager 2022 will be the first entry in a yearly sports management sim from Frontier Developments.

As shown in the gameplay demo, this first entry aims to set out a solid foundation for the franchise to build on. You’ll be leading a team as a team principle, leading drivers, engineers and building up your team to tilt at winning world championships. You’ll have control of every aspect of running a team, from upgrading cars and race facilities, to hiring drivers and engineers, balancing the books, and then looking to make critical decisions at exactly the right moments during a race weekend. There’s some nice graphics on show here through the trailer, not all that far off where the Codemasters racing series was on previous generations. Looking good for a management sim!

F1 Manager 22 Race Screenshot

2022 is a huge year for Formula 1, as sweeping new regulations have come in to shake up the order and allow for closer racing. We’re now a good way into the season, and after a shaky start, Red Bull has chewed up the early lead that Ferrari was able to establish with their gorgeous car. Mercedes, meanwhile, has struggled with their minimalist cap concept, but recent car updates have potentially set them on the right path to catching the leaders.

With interest in the sport seemingly growing, thanks in no small part to Netflix’s Drive to Survive series which really puts team principles into the spotlight, it’s exactly the right time to rock up with a new F1 game. There’s not one, but two upcoming video games for fans of the sport to look forward to, with Codemasters set to deliver F1 22 in July, where you’ll be sat firmly in the cockpit of the ultra-fast cars, and with Frontier’s sim from the pit wall.

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