Cult of the Lamb release date set for August

Cult of the Lamb Header

Cutesy (but brutal) roguelike Cult of the Lamb has been handed an 11th August 2022 release date, coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC. It’s sure to do the numbers!

The release date announcement came in Devolver Digital’s Marketing Countdown to Marketing stream, starring a famour Japanese developer trapped in a robot. But enough about big numbers, here’s the trailer:

Cult of the Lamb is a ‘shearling’ delight, a roguelike dungeon crawler that starts with you being a literal sacrificial lamb, killed by the Bishops of the Old Faith in a bid to end your kind and stop a prophecy from coming to pass.

We were very enthusiastic about the game when we saw it earlier this year. In our Cult of the Lamb preview, Nic said, “For now, I am extremely excited to get my hands on the game when it comes out. Will this gameplay pattern be too repetitive, or do we have an indie shearling on our hands? A cull classic? Only time wool tell.”

Nic won’t have to wait too much longer.

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