Desta: The Memories Between is the next game from the Monument Valley devs

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Desta: The Memories Betweeen has been announced by Ustwo Games, the creators of the critically acclaimed Monument Valley series on smartphone. Desta will release later this year in partnership with Netflix for smartphone and tablet, with a separate PC and console launch at a later date

Aiming to be their most replayable game yet, Desta sees Ustwo venture into the turn-based action genre, combining narrative with a fresh twist on tactical battles. As Desta, the lead character, falls asleep each night, they find themselves entering a mysterious dream world filled with glowing balls to throw around the level.

Each dream they find themselves in is constructed from a past experience that haunts them in some way. In their early 20s, they’ve come through broken relationships with family, but have struggled to express themselves after the passing of their father. The moments in time these dreams capture are inspired by some of the experiences and regrets of the London-based studio, conjuring up characters and points in time that had a profound affect on Desta’s life, giving regretted moments to try to resolve.

Thankfully, within each dream Desta will find a ball left behind by their father, and the aim of each puzzle is the shatter the remnants of these locations and the vague memories they contain. There will be a flowing nature to the environments as you take on enemies and bosses in this ball-tossing game, but there’s also a character-driven narrative to explore.

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“All the characters you meet in the game helped Desta become who they are – there’s a lot about loss and finding yourself, which are themes that I’m sure we can all relate to. We hope players enjoy exploring Desta’s dream worlds, and the reawakening that follows,” said Ustwo Games Chief Creative Officer, Danny Gray.

Ustwo shot to fame with the release of Monument Valley for mobile phone in 2014. Since then they’ve created a sequel to their breakout hit, as well as the lovable environmental-themed adventure of Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection was just announced, bringing their first two games to PC in July with a gorgeous new widescreen visual style.

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