Time Flies is a fly simulator about life and death

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Time Flies was one of a number of quirky indie titles highlighted during the Summer Game Fest – Day of the Devs stream. Coming from Michael Frei (Plug & Play and KIDS) in collaboration with Maphael Munoz, it’s a game that can be best described as a fly simulator.

Time Flies is a game that’s really all about putting life and death into perspective. You’re a fly in a room, happly floating and buzzing around, exploring the world around you, but after an all-too-short amount of time, the jig is up and you die.

You see, before you start playing, you choose a country and this sets a life expectancy timer, where every year of that nation’s average life expectancy equates to one second in the game world.

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You have a bucket list of things to do in this setting, from trying to strum a guitar, to “going on tour” and part of the game will be figuring out what it is you have to do to fulfil that requirement – there’s a little bit of Untitled Goose Game to it in that regard. There’s also plenty of dangers to your fly, from sticky fly tape, to a hot lamp, or simply “old age”, generally around 70-85 seconds after you start.

Time Flies is coming to PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac in 2023. Find out more about the game and follow its development at the excellent URL timeflies.buzz.

Source: timeflies.buzz

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