For Honor’s new hero teased ahead of Y6S2

for honor year 6 season 2

Ubisoft has teased For Honor’s new hero, giving fans of the fighting game their first look at this unknown warrior. If you didn’t watch the For Honor Year 6 Season 2 all the way through then you may have missed it. Appearing for only a couple of seconds, we can see their silhouette marching across what appears to be a desert.

for honor new hero y


As with all characters, For Honor’s new hero will be defined by the weapon they carry. From what we can see, they are equipped with what appears to be a double-bladed axe. The curved style of the axe heads appear to be similar to a palm axe or “epsilon”. If you now look at the concept art for Year 6 Season 2 (which is also the video thumbnail further down) we can see the same weapon being wielded by an unknown hero.

The fact Ubisoft is dropping a teaser now suggests that a reveal isn’t far off. It’s widely speculated that the new hero will arrive towards the end of the current season, or potentially sooner. For Honor fans will remember that the Kyoshin joined the roster in mid July last year, if you’re looking to narrow down a potential release date.

We’re excited to see this new warrior in action, the double-ended weapon potentially lending itself to some flashy combos, not to mention some gnarly executions.

For Honor Year 6 Season 2 kicks off next week on June 16, 2022. Dubbed “Curse of the Scarab” the title of this latest season is a bit on the nose as warriors immerse themselves in an ancient Egyptian adventure. Throughout Y6S2 expect new events, a new legendary hero skin, and a battle pass loaded with themed cosmetics for your favourite fighters.

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