Overwatch 2 goes free-to-play with October launch

Overwatch 2 Header

Overwatch 2 is coming out on 4th October as an Early Access title and shifting from a paid game to a free-to-plauy title at the exact same time. A reveal event will be held on 16th June to reveal more.


Who was that at the end? Why, that’s a new hero character for the game, dubbed Junker Queen.

It’s not entirely clear what this means for the full game launch. Overwatch 2 is a strange pseudo sequel to the hit 2016 original. It makes sense for the game to jump to free-to-play since Blizzard were going to give the Overwatch 2 update to all players of the original, but what of the PvE experience? Will that now be paid?

Diving more into what Overwatch 2 will include for its early access launch, Blizzard will be hosting a stream on 16th June at 6PM UK time on their official Twitch and YouTube channels.

The first PvP betas have shown off a bunch of new content from this to showcase the overhauled gameplay and game balance. Overwatch 2 cuts down for 6v6 to 5v5 multiplayer, it also has a new Push game mode, hero reworks, and a new Damage hero called Sojourn.

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