The System Shock remake trailer looks great

Nightdive Studios has released a new trailer for their System Shock remake, taking the primitive game graphics of the 1994 and conjuring up a wonderfully retro-inspired look that feels really quite distinctive in the modern day.

Warren Spector turned up on the PC Gaming Show to talk about the game, how Nightdive has revisited the original, the relevance of SHODAN in the modern day, and more.

System Shock has been in development for over half a decade, with the original Kickstarter being succesffully funded all the way back in 2016. With successful funding, they got to work on building the game for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but development stalled. In 2018, the System Shock project was put on hiatus as the team determined what direction it would go in. Remake or brand new title? The target was to release the game in Q1 2020. That did not happen. The next plan was for summer 2021, but… well, that’s been and gone as well.

A demo remains available on Steam, but who knows when the System Shock remake will actually make it to release.

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