Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose DLC and Re:Verse multiplayer out in October

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Capcom has announced that the long-promised DLC for Resident Evil Village will arrive in on 28th October 2022. Shadows of Rose will arrive alongside an expanded Mercenaries mode, a new third person camera for the game, and the launch of the standalone multiplayer game Re:Verse. All of that will be bundled together in the new Resident Evil Village Gold Edition release.


Shadows of Rose follows on from the end of the main game’s story, the epilogue revealing an adult Rose, the daughter of Resident Evil 7 and Village protagonist Ethan. Rose has certain abilities, but she wants shot of them and decides to enter the Megamycete in an attempt to get rid.

This sees her go beyond the realm of consciousness where she meets another version of herself and has to endure some wild things happening to the world around her. It’s not just monsters that she’ll be fighting, but the world itself will transform and try to attack her. Still, she’s got the messages from someone called Michael appearing on the walls to guide her. That’ll be good, right?

The expanded ‘Additional Orders’ Mercenaries mode will add the ability to play as Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg and even Lady Dimitrescu to tower over the enemies you face. There’s new stages to battle through, as well.

And finally, there’s the delayed release of Re:Verse. The game was meant to come out with Resident Evil Village, then got pushed back to July 2021, then got pushed back again to an unspecified date this year.  No specific reasoning was given for the delay, but the tweet explains that this is “so that the team can continue working to deliver a smooth gameplay experience.” It’s taken well over a year, but it seems that Capcom are finally happy with the barmy up-tempo multiplayer action of the game.

In our review of Resident Evil 8, Nick scored the game a fantastic 9/10. Here’s what he had to say:

“Lady Dimitrescu’s towering presence is just the tip of the iceberg of what Resident Evil Village offers. This game takes everything you know about the iconic horror series and dials it up to eleven!”

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