Dune: Spice Wars multiplayer update is out now

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The multiplayer update for Dune: Spice Wars is out now, letting players band together online across both 2v2 and free for all matches in Shiro Games’ real time 4X strategy game.

The multiplayer allows for both co-op and competitive multiplayer, as any open spots can be filed with AI-controlled factions at a difficulty of your choosing. Games can also be tailored with different map sizes, sandworm, storm, and Sietch activity, and victory conditions.

The update also reworks the development trees, adds new political resolutions, events, regions, and other improvements. See below for the patch notes.

The multiplayer update is the latest step along the previously revealed content roadmap for Shito Games’ adaptation of the classic science fiction world. While I’m sure they’ll have some refinement and polishing of the multiplayer component to do in the coming days, weeks and months – multiplayer is really tricky, y’all – there’s also a new faction, hero units and more on the way.

Here’s the roadmap that was revealed at the end of May:

Dune Spice Wars Roadmap

There’s still plenty to do as Shiro Games work their way through Early Access, in other words. Still, the game’s off to a great start, offering a compelling take on the classic science fiction world and the dynamics between the factions vying for control over the impossibly hostile world of Arrakis.

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They’re quite lightweight, but here’s the patch notes for Dune: Spice Wars Multiplayer Update:

New Features

  • Multiplayer (Dedicated Servers & Peer to Peer)
  • New regions
  • New resolutions
  • New events
  • New Underworld Headquarter buildings
  • New buildings illustrations
  • Confirmation before attacking a Sietch


  • Balance & Tweaks of almost everything
  • Rework of Harkonnen units
  • Rework of the Wreckers
  • Rework of the militia aggro system
  • Improved AIs
  • Faction limit for Fremen Sietches’ buildings
  • Charters can now have flexible eligibility during deciding and voting phases
  • Eliminated factions during decide and voting phase now properly get removed
  • Removed spice freighters

Source: press release, Steam

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