Marvel’s Avengers gives first look at Jane Foster as The Might Thor

marvels avengers update jane foster thor

Marvel’s Avengers is gearing up for its biggest content drop of the year so far. The Mighty Thor update will officially launch on June 28, 2022, across all available platforms, adding Jane Foster as a the eleventh playable hero, following Spider-Man.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have shared a look at this latest hero in action, sporting an original design inspired by Jane Foster’s comic and cinematic history. Here’s a first look at how she will appear in Marvel’s Avengers. There’s also an in-depth look at some of her alternate outfits.

marvels avengers update jane foster thor

Exactly how she’ll integrate with the game has yet to be detailed by the developers. Where previous characters including Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Black Panther received their own story chapters loaded with new missions, Spider-Man was introduced via a “hero event” that lacked content, making his contentious arrival all the more divisive among players.

Crystal Dynamics is set to share more in an upcoming Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream. Taking place on June 27, 2022, this broadcast is fully dedicated to update 2.5, Jane Foster, and various other changes taking place in-game.

While some fans are keen to get their hands on the new character, others have voiced their concerns regarding Jane Foster’s similarity to another hammer-wielding hero. Naturally, there’s bound to be some overlap between her own powers and that of Thor though CD claim there’s plenty of nuance between their combat moves and abilities to make them both feel unique. Considering just how different Kate Bishop and Hawkeye play, we’re happy to believe them.

Since the last major content drop at the end of 2022 – which including Spider-Man as a playable character and the first ever Raid – the team have been busy improving the core game experience.

It’s no secret that players have struggled to get their head around what to do once they’ve wrapped the campaign. Following a recent Marvel’s Avengers update, the War Table has been reworked, and attention has been paid to making the loot and customisation systems more rewarding. With the game fast approaching its second anniversary, there have been plenty of changes under the hood though it still has a long way to becoming a great multiplayer RPG. We’re hoping Mighty Thor will give lapsed players an excuse to dive back in, especially if they’re caught up in the hype surrounding Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder.

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