Mordhau update 25 adds new Arid map and Armory overhaul

A new Mordhau update is now available, bringing with it new content and game features developer Triternion has confirmed. You’ll need to download this latest patch in order to play the medieval duelling sim online, not to mention benefit from the latest list of changes and fixes.


Headlining Mordhau update 25 is a new eastern-themed map called Arid that can be accessed via the Invasion and Frontline game modes. This latest battleground offers an intriguing change of scenery compared to most of Mordhau’s European-inspired battlegrounds.

To celebrate, there’s a glut of new cosmetics and items to dress up your mercenary fighter. Speaking of which, Triternion has improved character customisation with the new Armory UI overhaul having gone live.

Other notable features in this Mordhau update include the trialling of novice services to help onboard new players, as well as a new camel mount perfect for those desert skirmishes.

Mordhau Update 25 Patch Notes


  • Added new map: Arid
  • New Armory UI
  • Team selection becomes available two minutes after player joins the server
  • Added servers for novice players
  • Merged Invasion and Frontline official servers
  • Pressing Team select button hides team select
  • Team select menu can now be closed by spectators
  • Fixed team select player count not updating correctly
  • Added self-restocking throwables to player controlled Nobles that did not have any ranged weapons before
  • Added View Steam Profile to options if available
  • Fix chat context menu not closing on Escape
  • Added various words to chat box filter
  • Fixed UI sounds for certain areas
  • Fixed horse not accelerating in certain scenarios
  • Fixed potential rare crash related to chambering
  • Fixed Nubian face LOD
  • Killfeed CPU optimizations
  • Slight GPU performance improvement by changing the way GPU handles overdraw
  • Fix for stealing voices by reducing concurrency of Chicken and Goat sounds
  • Increased sound priority for Cronch and hit indicator
  • Lowered sound priority on various weapon thuds, equip and some foley sounds
  • Increased concurrent voice lines from 4 to 8
  • Attenuation fix for Generic Animal and Turd
  • Made the GiveCata command use the IsAllowed method so server owners can opt tiered admins out of it and added it to the Admin Actions webhook
  • Polished various Frontline objectives
  • Added a few new emblems
  • Added camels instead of horses on eastern maps
  • Added Continental Voice Pack DLC set containing 4 voices:
    • Slavic
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish


  • Added Visored Greathelm Raised
  • Added Visored Greathelm
  • Added Turban
  • Added Turban with Veil
  • Added Turban Helmet
  • Added Turban Helmet With Nasal Guard
  • Added Rus Conical
  • Added Mail Skullcap
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif With Mouth Piece
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif Square Cut
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif Square Cut & Mouth Piece
  • Added Plated Mail
  • Added Bishop’s Ailettes
  • Added Early Coat of Plates
  • Added Monk Hood
  • Added Monk Robes
  • Added Monk Sleeves
  • Added Butcher’s Skirt
  • Added Leg Wraps
  • Added Basic Leather Shoes
  • Added Mail Shoes with Spurs
  • Added Adarga skin for Heater Shield
  • Added Calipha Sword skin for Arming Sword
  • Added Calipha Dagger skin for Dagger
  • Added Crusader Glaive skin for Bardiche
  • Added Eastern skin for War Axe
  • Fixed Jester Shoes feet alignment
  • Renamed default Falchion skin to “Default” instead of “Falchion”


  • Increase sweep distance interaction to make items easier to pick up on downward slope
  • Scimitar:
    • Slowed down windup for strike and stab by 25ms
    • Reduced stab damage against Tier 0 and 1 armor types
  • Footsteps and armor sound distance reduced
  • Reduced stab feint lockout slightly, now on par with swings. Reduces double parries.
  • Updated CombatTest riposte animations

Weapons & Equipment

  • Fixed part name categories being inconsistent between skins on some weapons (This will affect loadouts):
  • Shuffled Handle and Head on Warhammer Skin to match default
  • Shuffled Spike to Part3 slot on Maul.
  • Changed Shawm action prompt from “Strum Lute” to “Play Shawm”
  • Fixed toolbox placement on equipment/projectiles
  • Fixed physics assets for:
    • Rapier swords
    • Polearms
    • Bardiche


  • Castello:
    • Fixed spawn clipping on Invasion
    • Removed spawn protection on bridge
    • Added additional spawn protection area for bombing portculis objective
    • Added wind noise
    • Collision changes
  • Camp:
    • Adjusted cart push speed on Invasion to favor attackers more
    • Fixed an issue with floating dummy and a minor stuck spot
  • Cortile:
    • Disabled lens flare effect
  • Contraband
    • Improved performance by reducing overlapping reflections
    • Moved TDM spawns into the accessible playspace
  • Feitoria:
    • Rebalanced Invasion which now favors attackers
    • Brawl updated based on player feedback
    • Fixed Random equipment spawning a BR RecurveBow instead of a normal bow
    • Added missing collisions on buildings
    • Fixed peasant being spawned inside the table
    • Fixed collision on some bushes
  • Grad:
    • Rebalanced objective completion time bonus and some spawns on INV_Grad_1
    • Trebuchet progress on INV_Grad_1 now follows capture point logic, meaning that it is no longer possible to stop/start progress when outnumbered
    • Turned off complex collision on some bushes
  • Noria:
    • Fixed buildables not deploying on certain spots
    • Replaced horses with camels
    • Fixed unintended climb spots
    • Fixed a firepot exploit on the last Invasion objective
    • Minor Spawn point adjustments on Frontline and Invasion
    • Removed some braziers to make second objective a little harder for attackers
  • Mountain Peak:
    • Fix attempt for players getting stuck in the self-building ram on INV
    • Fixed up spawn protection for moved spawn
    • Moved torch spawners closer to the corpse piles, but increased the amount of torch throws needed on Invasion
    • Restricted toolbox placement in some areas
    • Fix a visible hole on the rocks
    • Fixed bushes which prevented deployable spawn points from being destroyed
  • Taiga:
    • Rebalanced Invasion by adjusting timers and some spawn positions
    • Restricted toolbox placement in some areas
    • Fixed stuck spot on the goblin cart
  • Truce:
    • Merged some sandbags so the shadows cull more evenly
    • Adjusted spawn protection in TDM
  • Crossroads:
    • Ballista fix attempt
    • Tree exploit fix
    • Draw call performance improvement by splitting and merging HISMs
    • Collision fixes
  • Grad:
    • Adjusted out of bounds on Invasion
    • Restricted toolbox placement in some areas
    • Reworked FFA and TDM gameplay area to be smaller and more contained


  • Horde extended to wave 25
  • Added The Pit Horde
  • Rebalanced enemy spawning, timings and difficulty values
  • Rebalanced enemy composition per wave
  • Added harder version of minibosses
  • Rebalanced gold income
  • Tweaked damage and difficulty increase with multiple players in the team
  • Lowered amount of gold players get if joining after the start by 10%
  • Horde flow:
    • Stronger groups can now spawn up to wave 25, instead of 21
    • Nerfed health gained on kill
    • Less peasants are now spawned after 15th wave
    • Noble upgrades defenses every 4th wave (instead of 3), so it’s more suitable for 25 waves
  • Enemies:
    • Default ogre now has clothes with light colors and deals less damage
    • Added tougher version of Ogre and Juggernaut with more variations
    • Ranged units now spawn in smaller groups and are scattered around more
    • Minibosses now destroy spikes quicker
  • Skills:
    • Buffed Lever Action, Adrenaline and Vanish
    • Slightly nerfed Haymaker, Finesse and Leech
    • Extended the length of Vanish
  • Horde now ends in defeat when last player leaves the server
  • Cross is now hidden after revive window passes
  • Added instruments to Horde gamemode and placed them on all maps
  • Fixed Black Fire Bomb not being discounted with Merchant skill
  • Fix attempts for stuck AI spots on Camp, Castello, Grad, Crossroads
  • Fixed a bug where Seymour could spawn before last wave

Mordhau launched in early 2019 and quickly became popular among fans of medieval fighting games. Its brutal first person combat and character customisation made it an instant hit though developer Triternion would later come under fire as it was claimed the fledgling studio took a hands-off approach in dealing with Mordhau’s increasingly toxic player community.

Source: Steam

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