Hideo Kojima superhero game with Mads Mikkelsen canned

hideo kojima superhero game

Hideo Kojima has revealed that his development studio canned an unannounced superhero game that would have starred Mads Mikkelsen as its lead character.

The reason why? Kojima claims the project was too similar to The Boys, which follows an underground team of misfits who vow to kill Earth’s elite team of superhero protectors. After seeing the Amazon television series, Kojima decided to put a hold on whatever he was working on.

We can only imagine what Kojima Productions would have done with this concept. That said, there are definitely similarities to the Metal Gear Solid series which frequently features boss villains with otherworldly powers.

Of course, there’s the possibility that this may have not been a game. Kojima specifically refers to this as a cancelled project, which implies it may have been a film of television production of KojiPro’s own making. The studio continues to expand and has previously stated its intention to explore other mediums beyond games.

The last game worked on by Hideo Kojima was Death Stranding, the first title he directed after parting with Konami. Since then, a Director’s Cut edition of Death Stranding has been released, packed with new content and features.

What’s next for the visionary developer? Kojima appeared at the Microsoft and Bethesda Games showcase earlier this month, announcing his first ever Xbox exclusive. We know next to nothing about the title apart from its focus on cloud technology.

There are reportedly other games in the works at the studio. If the leaks are to be believed, the studio is working on a Silent Hill reboot with Sony, presumably for the PS5. There’s also talk of another game titled Overdose that will star Margaret Qualley who also appeared as Mama in Death Stranding.

Naturally, there are rumours that Death Stranding 2 is also in production, stoked by a nonchalant comment from Norman Reedus that he’s working on the next one.

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