Farming Simulator 22 update live ahead of Kubota DLC

farming simulator 22 update

GIANTS Software has released Farming Simulator 22 update which will also appear on some systems as update 1.10. This latest patch comes loaded with a whole host of bug fixes and tweaks to help improve the overall experience.


This latest version of the game is now live ahead of the upcoming Kubota Pack DLC which will be launching on June 28, 2022, for all available platforms. This latest expansion features a number of officially licensed Kubota vehicles and machinery, including the M8 tractor.

Farming Simulator 22 is the latest in the popular series, sporting some major improvements over FS19 such as new buildings, crops, and machinery, as well as enhanced visuals via the GIANTS Engine 9. Read below for the latest patch notes.

Farming Simulator 22 Update Patch Notes

Bugfixes & Changes

  • Added dual wheel config support to Trelleborg TH400 tires
  • Fixed animal husbandries manure output being limited to straw consumption
  • Fixed color configurations with large number of options in multiplayer
  • Fixed game crash after changing certain advanced FSR settings
  • Fixed issues with mod bales when 3d model is used from basegame and only textures from the mod
  • Fixed localization for collectibles in mods
  • Fixed mod input bindings being overwritten
  • Fixed prices page “Selling” price display
  • Fixed Rostselmash 2375 and Versatile WD4 displayed max speed in shop
  • Fixed Salek ANS-1900 AI support
  • Fixed usage of “fold all” input action when tools are attached that cannot be folded
  • Fixed Xerion 5000 map hotspot type
  • Improved drawbar behavior on Köckerling Allrounder 600
  • Improved Lemken Solitair 12 working behavior
  • Improved performance when toggling minimap size
  • Replaced Lemken Koralin 9-840 default wheel config
  • Slightly increased max. distance of high pressure washer
  • Various smaller visual and functional fixes on vehicles
  • When changing one of the FSR 1.0 options, the AA setting is automatically set to TAA – however, in game it is revealed that in fact TAA is not active.

New additions

  • Added multiplayer permission “Cut trees”
  • Added passenger support for various vehicles (requires Kubota DLC)
  • Added setting for adjusting framerate limit

Stay tuned for more Farming Simulator 22 update and DLC news. In the meantime, check out our review of the series’ latest instalment.

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