Sonic Frontiers linear Cyber Space level revealed in Switch gameplay trailer

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A new Sonic Frontiers trailer was showcased during the Nintendo Direct Mini stream, firstly demonstrating what the game will look like on Nintendo Switch when it launches later in 2022, and secondly revealing new linear Cyber Space levels.


While there’s clearly some visual cutbacks compared to the gameplay that was revealed earlier this month, Sonic Frontiers looks pretty solid on Nintendo Switch, with the ability to dash, jump and just run really fast around the mysterious island that you find the blue hedgehog on in this game.

There’s also combat against strange angular enemies, with Sonic able to pull of combos and use special attack moves to defeat them. You can also deflect enemy attacks with good timing.

However, given the general air of dissatisfaction over the gameplay previously revealed, there’s perhaps a glimmer of hope with the Cyber Space level that was revealed during this new trailer. These are more linear levels which you can race through, more akin to the previous 3D Sonic games, with keys the reward at the end of the level to let you progress. Will these be the saving grace of the game? Or will Sonic Frontiers as a whole exceed expectations?

Sonic Frontiers Cyber Space Green Hill Zone

Well, from what Miguel played at Summer Game Fest, the open world sections felt like playing “a hedgehog’s midlife crisis.” In the full Sonic Frontier Preview, he wrote, “Sonic Frontiers is a massive shift in scope and style for the franchise, and from what we’ve seen and played, it’s not likely to stick the landing. It’s one thing to shift gears into a wildly untraditional open-world experience, but it’s another thing to have it feel so unfinished and half-baked. Very few Sonic fans seem to have been asking for a game like this, and if this demo was any indicator, they won’t be swayed by it anytime soon.”

Sonic Frontiers is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC in the Holiday release window of 2022.

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